Columbia-Bassett strives to cultivate opportunities for reflection, connection to community and personal growth. To this end, our program incorporates a set of experiences in the humanities across the four years of the curriculum. We see these experiences as both fun and important to building community and maintaining connection to the true self during the rigors and stresses of medical school. This includes the following: 

  • Fundamentals (Pre-clinical course work phase) 
    • Columbia Bassett group yoga sessions
  • Major Clinical Year 
    • Philosophy dinners 
      • These are monthly dinners with faculty to reflect on core ideas in medicine and society. 
    • Monthly humanities group activities 
      • These are student organized group reflection activities. Examples include a range of experiences including spending a morning at a local museum, taking a sunset hike, blueberry picking locally, snow tubing, and making a group pastel painting of a scene at the lake.  
  • Differentiation & Integration (Post-MCY) 
    • Columbia-Bassett group yoga sessions
Columbia Bassett program participants make pottery together during planned event in update New York.