Curriculum Structure

Columbia-Bassett students’ clinical education is organized around a longitudinal integrated patient care model. This includes rapid inpatient clinical experiences followed by the longitudinal integrated curriculum and primary care capstone experience. Key components of our clinical training model at Columbia-Bassett include:

Rapid Inpatient Block

Longitudinal Integrated Curriculum

Systems Leadership Integration and Management (SLIM) Curriculum

The SLIM Curriculum at Columbia-Bassett provides in-depth learning and experiences in health care systems, health delivery, and intensive performance improvement within a rural hospital network.

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Life Experiences Curriculum (LEC)

The LEC at Columbia-Bassett affords students with the opportunity for meaningful exploration around how to better understand and respond to the impacts of trauma and life experiences in the complex systems within which we work.

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Program Timeline

Breakdown of the Columbia Bassett Program curriculum by month and year,
Color Key for the Columbia Bassett Program Curriculum Breakdown graphic.

Clinical Education

Fundamentals - Preclinical Coursework

The fundamentals portion of the Columbia-Bassett Program is based in New York City where Columbia-Bassett students join their Columbia University VP&S classmates for pre-clinical coursework. Columbia-Bassett students additionally participate in a Cooperstown based orientation and begin their SLIM and LEC learning through monthly seminars and reflection sessions with faculty.

Year 1

  • August–June 
    • Columbia-Bassett Orientation in Cooperstown (1 week)
    • Columbia Pre-Clinical Curriculum in NYC
    • Columbia-Bassett Life Experiences Seminar (Jan – June monthly)
      • Columbia-Bassett Reflection Sessions (Jan – June monthly)
    • Columbia-Bassett SLIM Seminar (Aug – Dec monthly)

Year 2–2.5  

  • July – August 
    • Summer
  • August – December 
    • Columbia Preclinical Curriculum in NYC
    • Columbia-Bassett Life Experiences Seminar (monthly)
      • Columbia-Bassett Reflection Sessions (monthly)

Major Clinical Year - Clinical Clerkships

The Major Clinical Year (MCY) occurs in Cooperstown and consists of clerkships in major clinical areas through the rapid inpatient and longitudinal educational model. The SLIM curriculum and LEC are integrated throughout this time. Additionally, there are clerkship didactics and opportunities to engage in the Cooperstown based humanities offerings during MCY.

Year 2.5–3.5

  • January – March 
    • Columbia-Bassett Orientation (1 week)
    • Rapid Inpatient Blocks (10 weeks)
      • Anesthesia: 1 week rotation
      • Medicine: 2 week rotation
      • Neurology: 1 week rotation
      • Obstetrics & Gynecology: 2 week rotation
      • Pediatrics: 1 week rotation
      • Psychiatry: 2 week rotation
      • Surgery: 2 week rotation
    • SLIM Week (1 week)
    • Columbia-Bassett Reflection Sessions (monthly) 
  • April – December 
    • Longitudinal Block (36 weeks)
      • Clinics in Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and various subspecialties
      • Following patients in longitudinal panels
      • SLIM Performance Improvement Projects
      • SLIM Seminars (monthly)
      • LEC Reflection Sessions (monthly)
      • Clerkship Didactics (weekly) 
      • End-of-clerkship Shelf Exams
      • 2 inter-session weeks in NYC
  • January 
    • Primary Care Capstone (4 weeks)

Differentiation and Integration - Scholarly Project and Electives

The Differentiation and Integration phase of the program is focused on the consolidation of learning for senior medical students. This includes USMLE board prep and examinations, clinical electives, completion of a scholarly project, returning to the classroom with Columbia VP&S classmates and residency interviews. Columbia-Bassett students spend a portion of this time in New York City to complete NewYork-Presbyterian based electives and are otherwise able to choose between opportunities in Cooperstown and NYC.

Year 3.5

  • February – March
    • USMLE Board Prep
  • April – June
    • D&I Elective Blocks
    • Scholarly Projects (4 months)

Year 4

  • July – May
    • D&I Elective Blocks
    • Scholarly Projects (4 months)
    • Sub-I at NewYork-Presbyterian 
    • Clinical Elective at NewYork-Presbyterian
    • Back to the Classroom at VP&S
  • May
    • Columbia-Bassett Commencement Celebration
    • Columbia VP&S Commencement