Student Experience

Outside of medical school, what have you enjoyed most about living in Cooperstown?

“There must be something in the waters of Lake Otsego that brings out an extraordinary kindness and warmth in everyone I’ve met here. In a month’s span, I have gone to a quilt auction for charity, a community event on supporting refugee resettlement, and a yoga class at the gym where everyone knew each other. This small town charm makes me feel so lucky to be a Cooperstonian this year!” – Kishan Bhatt 

“I can't pick just one thing! Some highlights have been exploring the trails, playing tennis at the Clark Sports Center (best gym anywhere!), rowing on the lake, cross-country skiing, the weekly farmers' market in town, and feeling welcomed by so many people in the Cooperstown community.” – Mary Carmack 

"The hiking, the swimming, the skiing - Cooperstown is a dream for lovers of the outdoors!"  - Lindsey Gorsch 

Columbia Bassett students pose during a ski trip in Cooperstown, New York.

“Having access to the fantastic Clark Sports Center! Exercising at the Clark Sports Center was my primary way of relieving stress during the year. It also made me a healthier person, both physically and mentally.” – Yong Shen 

"I would say what I've enjoyed the most by far is the farmer's market! Farm to table has a new meaning when you can see firsthand where your food is grown in a drive around the county." – Sidney Saint-Hilaire 

“Outside of medical school, my favorite thing about living in Cooperstown has been the access to nature (and the space for peace and reflection that it provides). It has made a big difference in my wellbeing to be able to literally walk out into the woods!” – Dean Strup 

“One of my favorite things about living in Cooperstown is the landscape, which is outrageously beautiful; the sight of the mountains behind the hospital always makes me feel more peaceful.” – Emma Weatherford 

“Living on the shores of Lake Otsego is a real treat, especially during the summer! There’s a boat launch just down the street from the hospital, and you can be on the water kayaking or paddleboarding in just minutes after leaving work. You can also go for a swim at Fairy Springs Park or have dinner at one of Cooperstown’s several lakeside restaurants—almost everything is just a short walk away from home!” – Peter Suwondo 

Columbia Bassett students pose during a bike trip in Cooperstown, New York.