Financial Aid

Every Columbia-Bassett student receives a minimum of $30,000 per year for all four years as a grant. We do this because we feel that debt is far too large for most students, and that the incorporation of non-personal (parental) assets in needs-based calculations distorts individual future realities; and through these means we can free students to select a career by preference, avoiding the frequent debt-driven choices which may cause some sadness in the larger physician community.   

Columbia-Bassett students can also complete a needs assessment as any Columbia VP&S medical student can, and if the calculated need of a student in the Columbia-Bassett program exceeds $30,000, the incremental difference of scholarship monies is provided as a grant to students via Columbia VP&S. This affords the same opportunity as traditional Columbia VP&S students for needs based financial support.    

It is common to have questions about this complex process. If you do, we encourage you to reach out to the Office of Student Financial Aid & Planning.