Mandl Connective Tissue Research Fellowship

The Mandl Connective Tissue Research Fellowship, made possible through a generous endowment from Dr. Ines Mandl, are made annually to early career scientists conducting promising work focused on connective tissue. This includes but is not limited to, bone, cartilage and skin related research. A special focus on the genetic risk factors, as they relate to this field of work, will be of interest to the committee. 


Any VP&S early career scientist who has been in their current field for less than seven years and is pre-tenure or job equivalent. Post-doctoral students are eligible to apply and there are no citizenship requirements.

How to Apply 


Applications are announced in  InfoReady

Previous Awardees

2023: Hiroyuki Hirakawa, MD, PhD

2022: Mary Moore, PhD

2021: Trevor Fidler, PhD
           Takamasa Ito, MD, PhD  

2020: Aveline Filliol, PhD
           Gwennaëlle Monnot, PhD

2019: Marta Galan-Diez, PhD
           Christian Geier, MD

2018: Kelsey Kennedy, PhD
           Na Joung Ji, PhD

2017: Danny Florez-Paz, PhD
          Joanna Joackow, PhD

2016: Ellen Ezratty, PhD
          Eddy His Chum Wang, PhD

2015: Jen-Wei Huang, PhD

2014: Karl Gledhill, PhD

2013: Jiangtao He, PhD