Career Resources

Throughout all four years at VP&S, students have access to the VP&S Career Connect CourseWorks page. This page serves as a homebase for all career related resources including specialty and career exploration, elective planning, residency applications, and the Match. Please see below for an overview of resources included on this page. 

Specialty/Career Exploration

  • AAMC Careers in Medicine self-assessments
  • AAMC specialty profiles 
  • AAMC specialty comparison tool 
  • AAMC Clinical Rotation Evaluation 
  • VP&S alternative career path directory 
  • Careers in Medicine Decision Making Workshop 
  • VP&S peer career advisors 
  • VP&S alumni advisors (current residents) 

Elective Planning

  • D&I class meeting (recording and PowerPoint)
  • Elective recommendations from students
  • Elective recommendations from chairs/program directors 
  • Elective course comments from students
  • VP&S peer career advisors 
  • Faculty residency advisors (chairs, residency program directors & key faculty)

Residency Applications

Residency Overview/Contacts:

  • Class residency meetings (recordings and PowerPoints)
  • Residency guides (VP&S and AAMC)
  • Faculty residency advisors (chairs, residency program directors & key faculty) 
  • VP&S alumni advisors (current residents)


  • ERAS User Guide 
  • MyERAS Application Updates and Program Signaling
  • ERAS worksheets and checklists 


  • Long/short form biographies 
  • MSPE template
  • Sample MSPE Appendix E 


  • Sample CVs

Letters of Recommendation (LORs):

  • Sample LOR request form
  • LOR writing tips
  • LOR Portal User Guide/FAQs 

Selecting Residency Programs:

  • FREIDA AMA Residency & Fellowship Database
  • AAMC Residency Explorer
  • Questions for evaluating a residency program


  • Residency Interview Guide
  • Past student interview experience & program impressions
  • AAMC virtual interview techniques
  • Class residency meeting on interviewing (PowerPoint)
  • ERAS interview calendar
  • ERAS interview tips

The Match

VP&S Data:

  • VP&S Match profile data
  • VP&S Match lists by specialty
  • VP&S Match lists by alpha 
  • VP&S past specialty Matches/current interest
  • VP&S early Matches

National Data:

  • NRMP Charting Outcomes in the Match
  • Number of Contiguous Ranks by Matched Seniors
  • National Match program data

Rank Lists:

  • Entering and certifying a rank order list instructions
  • NRMP Program Directory instructions


Office of Student Affairs Career Advising Staff:

  • Dr. Jean-Marie Alves-Bradford, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Support & Services
  • Dr. Salila Kurra, Associate Dean for Student Career Development
  • TBD, Associate Director, Career Advising and Residency Services 
  • Natalie LeBrecht, Residency Services Coordinator 


  • Advisory deans 
  • Faculty residency advisors (chairs, residency program directors & key faculty) 


  • VP&S peer career advisors


  • VP&S alumni advisors (current residents)
  • VP&S alternative career path directory 
  • Laura Gilbert, Assistant Director, Alumni Affairs