2021 Roadmap to Residency Timeline

MD Year 3: October – December

Three breakfast panels on residency, moderated by dean with chairs and program directors from each specialty as panelists

  • In September, students are provided with specific date in October, November, and December for each panel and the list of the respective specialties that will be covered

MD Year 3: December – January

  • Near-peer advising with senior students by specialty for electives advice prior to March – June electives registration
  • March – June electives registration (mid-January)

MD Year 3: January – April

Advisement sessions with 4th year students 


MD Year 3: May – June

  • 1st class meeting on residency application components (May)
  • Specialty meetings with CUIMC program directors (June)
  • ERAS application opens (June 8)
  • 2nd class meeting on residency application, personal statement, and CV (June)

MD Year 4: July – August

  • Application for San Francisco Match (ophthalmology) opens (July 1)
  • Ophthalmology applicants must complete application, finish securing letters, and review program list with chair and program director
  • Applicants (except in ophthalmology) must ask letter writers for letter, ideally at least one month in advance of our internal October 20 deadline
    • Applicants also need to download a Letter Request Form from ERAS and email to the letter writer so they can upload their letter directly to ERAS by October 20
  • Review residency application list with residency advisor in your specialty
  • Self-assess by referencing VP&S Match Profile Data to determine recommended number of programs to apply to

MD Year 4: September – November

  • Ophthalmology applicants submit application to San Francisco Match (Deadline: September 15)
  • Submit ERAS application for all other specialties except ophthalmology and military (Deadline: October 21)
    • Applications submitted after October 21 will be time stamped for the actual date
  • 3rd class meeting on interviewing and post-match communication (September)
  • Military match application deadline
  • Residency programs in most specialties begin downloading ERAS applications (October 21)
  • NRMP Registration (September 15-January 31)
  • Deadline for taking Step 2 CK is November 30 (except for MD/PhD and PhD to MD students)
  • Residency Programs begin interview offers and interviews (October 21)

MD Year 4: November – December

  • Residency program interview offers and interviews continue
  • Military match results (December)
  • VP&S Step 2 CS Deadline for all students (December 31)
  • Step 2 CK Deadline for MD/PhD and PhD to MD students (December 31)

MD Year 4: January – March

Early match rank deadlines and match

  • Ophthalmology Rank List deadline (January 25, 2021); Match results (February 1, 2021)
  • Urology Rank List deadline (January 12, 2021); Match results (February 1, 2021)

Deadline for NMRP registration (January 31)

NRMP Rank list opens (February 1)

NRMP rank list deadline (March 3 at 9pm)

MD Year 4: March

  • ERAS Match results are released (Monday, March 15)
  • Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) (Monday – Wednesday of Match Week)
    • Unmatched students try to match into unfilled programs via the scheduled and organized match of the SOAP
  • Match Day Reception (Friday, March 19)
    • Students receive their envelope containing their match result at the Match Day celebration.
    • Super Night, the VP&S senior class celebration, is held the night before Match Day.