Planning FAQ

What’s the benefit of having the Center for Continuing Medical Education at Columbia University manage my event?

The key to a successful CME event is in the details. Our team has extensive experience running well-executed CME events. Our office will assist with all facets of the process, from the initial planning to the post-event followup. Services include:

  • Meeting planning
  • Meeting logistics
  • Registration support
  • ACCME accreditation
  • Evaluation support
  • Guidance regarding sponsorship
  • Grants and budget management
  • Columbia-approved vendors

What if I prefer to plan my own activity, and only need CME accreditation?

We would be happy to work with you to accredit your activity and make sure that it meets ACCME standards.  Please contact our office at (212) 305-3334 or e-mail for details.

What if my CME activity isn’t a live event?

We can accredit and provide support for many types of activities.   

How far in advance should I start planning my event?

The CME office requests that you schedule a planning meeting with our team at least six months prior to the proposed event date.

How much of the process of planning and preparing a CME event should I undertake prior to meeting with the CME Office?

In order to provide comprehensive support, our office should be involved prior to the development of curriculum, selection of speakers, and procurement of commercial support. In order to set up a meeting with the staff, please contact our office at (212) 305-3334 or e-mail

How can I apply for accreditation?

Please submit an Application for Accreditation to our office with all of the required supporting materials and will we contact you upon receipt of the application.  Please note: the Activity Director must have a Columbia University appointment.

Am I guaranteed to receive accreditation?

The Center for Continuing Medical Education reserves the right to deny CME accreditation at any stage of the program planning and implementation process.

As a course director, what are my responsibilities?

The course director is responsible for:

  • The validity of all clinical content;
  • Certifying that the following decisions were made free of the control of a commercial interest: CME needs, educational objectives, selection and presentation of content, selection of all persons and organizations in a position to control the content of the CME, selection of educational methods and evaluation of the activity;
  • Ensuring that course faculty are competent and knowledgeable on the subject matter and communicating the activity objectives and target audience to the faculty;
  • Certifying that all content is fair and balanced and free from commercial bias;
  • Reviewing all materials to be presented where potential or actual conflicts of interest may occur and resolving conflicts of interest before the activity;
  • Payment of all applicable fees in a timely manner.

Do you charge for services?

Yes, we do charge for accreditation and meeting planning services.  Please contact us at (212) 305-3334 or via e-mail to discuss your activity and request a quote.