Apply for Accreditation

To apply for CME accreditation, a completed application and supporting documentation are required. Applications are reviewed by the CME application review committee; reviews take one month or more to be performed. When possible, applications should be submitted to the CME office at least six months prior to the activity date. Applications must be submitted electronically. You will be contacted if additional information or clarification is needed.

CME office staff is available to assist with questions about the application and to provide supporting materials, upon request.

Application Checklist:

  • Completed application submitted by the Activity Director and/or Department Chairman/Institute or Center Director.

  • Disclosure forms for Activity Director(s), Planning Committee Member(s), Author(s), Reviewer(s), etc.

  • Program agenda with participating faculty members, including academic and hospital affiliations.

  • Copies of ALL sources used to identify the professional practice gaps underlying the need for the activity.

  • Estimated budget for the activity/series.

  • Copies of any outcomes measurement tools, e.g. Evaluation forms, pre/post-tests, Audience Response System questions, follow-up surveys, etc.

Note: The CME office will provide templates for disclosure, peer review and evaluation of your activity. We strongly suggest the use of these templates.


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