About Us

Mission Statement:

As a premier institution in health care, research, and education, our mission is to provide continuing medical education to Columbia faculty, professional trainees, and to the larger community of physicians and other healthcare professionals in the New York area and beyond. Our primary goal is to serve their educational needs by:

  1. Presentation of contemporary, relevant clinical knowledge using best practices for adult learning.
  2. Translation of research into medical knowledge; and
  3. Improved health outcomes through application of knowledge of disease prevention and treatment.

Overseen by the Office of Education, our CME program encompasses the wide range of medical disciplines, and benefits from our faculty expertise in current relevant research, perspectives, and trends in medicine, with the highest quality of content, educational rigor, objectivity, and communication methods. We reach diverse and geographically dispersed audiences across the Columbia University Irving Medical Center campus, New York City, the region, the United States, and across the globe.

To that end, CME is delivered in on-site, off-site and virtual venues. To enhance our mission, we welcome partnerships with others whose educational capacity is commensurate with Columbia standards for quality, educational value, and ethical conduct. As demands for medical education expand, we will meet those needs through our evolving capacities.