Corneal Graft Failure

Corneal graft failure in an eye with tube-cornea contact may necessitate tube shunt removal and corneal re-grafting.
  • Glaucoma tube implant surgeries (aqueous shunting procedures) have become an increasing popular alternative to conventional filtration surgery in patients with refractory glaucoma (previous failed glaucoma surgery or poor surgical prognosis).


  • Early post-operative complications associated with tube shunt insertion include ocular hypotony, inflammation, bleeding, infection or blockage of the tube.
  • Late postoperative complications include corneal edema due to a persistent flat chamber from hypotony, corneal decompensation from tube-cornea touch, cataract, tube migration, scleral erosion, and diplopia.


  • Observation for bleeding, worsening hypotony, increasing IOP or inflammatory signs.
  • Medical treatment for inflammation or infection.
  • Tube repositioning or exchange.
  • Penetrating keratoplasty for decompensated cornea.