Self-Operation Policies

Flow Analyzer After Hours (After 5 p.m. or Weekend) 

  1. All analyzers are QC basically every day from Monday to Friday. However, we are not able to guarantee the quality of the instrument after hour or in the weekend. If we know that the machine is not functioning 100%, the ilab calendar of that particular machine will be blocked from further reservation.
  2. If you encounter problem after hour, please notify the flow core IMMEDIATELY. We need to notify the rest of the users in the weekend and troubleshoot the instrument first thing in the next working day.
  3. If you encounter issue after hour, please fix the samples (if possible) and we will try to run them the next working day. Hopefully we can still extract some useful data for you.
  4. If you do not run the machine often, please DO NOT use the instrument after hour. Please request the refreshment training on the instrument and practice at least a few times before scheduling experiment after hour.
  5. Once you report to us the issue on the instrument, we will definitely waive your charge after the investigation. However, we cannot compensate your time, reagent, sample and frustration because of the possible instrument malfunction in the weekend.

BB Influx (P&S17-514), P&S Influx (P&S 17-503), and BD Influx (ICRC 301)

  1. Only trained users are allowed for self-operation. If you are trained, you will be able to reserve the 6pm to 8pm time slot in ilab.
  2. ONLY 1 user is allowed for performing self-operation per day per sorter.
  3. If you start the self-operation at 6pm, we will set it up for you. If not, we will pull out your template and you will set it up yourself.
  4. Even though we QC the machine before we handover the machine to the self-operator, however, we can't guarantee the yield and purify for the self-operation.
  5. The core will train the “Point person” for each lab at the cost of $600 in addition to the machine time. The point person will subsequently train the other lab members or successors of the same lab. For repeated/refresher training, a $600 training fee, in addition to the training time, would be charged.
  6. The PI will need to read this policy and email to the flow core director with the agreement of the content of this policy.