Residents Research and QI Projects

Class of 2020

  • Dr. Alexandra Brown: HPV Vaccination Rates Among Family Medicine Practice Patients: Do Patient Characteristics Play a Role?
  • Dr. Sujana Bhattacharyya: Listening as an Agent of Change: A Community Health Needs Assessment at an Urban Women's Shelter
  • Dr. Becky Halvorsen: Effect of Brief Deep Breathing Exercise for Smoking Cessation
  • Dr. Elizabeth Han: CAM Use In Adult Primary Care
  • Dr. Danielle Isenburg: Burnout, Emotional Intelligence, and Home Visits: What is the Connection?
  • Dr. Molly Warren: Condom Use is Not Significantly Decreased Among Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) Users in School-Based Health Centers (SBHC)

Class of 2019

  • Dr. Ahmed Amari: Cultural Adaptation of Prenatal Educational Materials in Arabic
  • Dr. Heather Belle: Effect of Music on Patients with Dementia and Agitation
  • Dr. Louis Cicatelli: Emergency Department Use and Views amongst Farrell Community Health Center Patients
  • Dr. Danielle LaSalandra: Guided Imagery and Stress Reduction in Adolescents
  • Dr. Sheerin Habibullah: Utilizing Photovoice in Underserved Populations
  • Dr. Rajat Lamington: Knowledge and Perceptions of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Do Not Resuscitate Assignment at the Denny Farrell Community Health Center
  • Dr. Rebecca Leeds: Effects of a Longitudinal Spanish language Curriculum in a Family Medicine Residency Program

Class of 2018

  • Dr. Mary-Claire Abbot: Self-Assessment and Interest in Spanish Language Curriculum in Residency
  • Dr. Stephanie Arnold: Relationship Roulette: Investigating a Potential Physiologic Mechanism in Intimate Partner Violence
  • Dr. Laura Belland: Music to Reduce Anxiety Among Older Adults in the Emergency Department
  • Dr. Jenny Bohrman: Provider Awareness and Utilization of Third Trimester Perineal Massage
  • Dr. Daniela Fanto: Educating Children about Pediatric Asthma Using Comic Books
  • Dr. Hyo Jyung: School-Based Culinary Education to Empower Adolescents and Promote Healthy Eating Behavior
  • Dr. Becca Roach: Knowledge and Awareness of Emergency Contraception in Washington Heights