Cores Covered by the LaunchLabs Master Research Services Agreement

Services from the following core facilities can be requested by LaunchLabs @ Columbia affiliates under the terms of the Master Research Services Agreement:

Note: Any LaunchLabs affiliate who wishes to utilize Columbia's core facilities must complete required trainings (if applicable) and be granted all approvals requested by Columbia before being allowed to commence work. Although the Master Research Services Agreement must be signed prior to accessing any of Columbia's core facilities, execution of the Master Research Services Agreement does not, in and of itself, guarantee access to any core facilities.

Last update: 4/30/2021

Other Core Facilities

It may be possible for LaunchLabs affiliates to utilize the services of VP&S core facilities that are not included in the above list, depending on available capacity and other factors. LaunchLabs affiliates should contact the Executive Director of Lab Operations at LaunchLabs-Columbia for additional information.