Research Seminars

Medical Scholars Seminar Course

This is a small group, 3 credit, seminar course (RSRH 7201) for VP&S students in Fundamentals interested in research and the MD/Masters in Biomedical Sciences dual degree program. It meets twice monthly during the academic year.

During the first semester, students attend seminars led by CUIMC faculty who are active investigators and who discuss their perspective on and experiences in integrating research and medicine. Students also present their own research interests and plans to the course directors and student participants.

During the second semester, CUIMC researchers discuss various skills and topics that enhance students’ abilities to conduct research and communicate their results. Students select a specific area of research focus and a mentor or mentors, formally present the proposals for their summer research projects, including their hypotheses, relevant background and significance, and the methods they will be using to test their hypotheses to the MSS course directors and student participants.

Medical Scholars Seminar Details

Seminars in Research at VP&S

This 1.5 year-long, 2 credits, "open campus" course exposes medical students to cutting-edge research and ideas generated by researchers throughout Columbia University. It is also designed to provide students with an opportunity to:

  • hone their research interests and understanding,
  • envision trajectories where they can integrate their research and clinical aspirations,
  • identify a network of potential mentors and colleagues who may play important roles in their thesis and career development, and
  • refine their understanding of the features of high-quality presentations.

Research at VP&S (RAPS) Details

Scholarly Seminars and Events across the Columbia University Schools and Campuses

Columbia University hosts a range of scientific conferences, meetings, seminars, and presentations at CUIMC and on the Morningside Campus. Links to seminar schedules hosted by various schools, institutions, and departments are included below.

School-Wide Schedules

Basic, Translational, and Clinical Research

Population Health

Narrative and Social Medicine