College of Dental Medicine

​​Applying for Financial Aid

Our office is here to assist you with financing your dental education. For detailed program information, please read the DDS Financial Aid Handbook if you are applying to the DDS Program and the Dental Postdoctoral Handbook if you are applying to one of our Postdoctoral Programs. Please follow these steps to Apply for Financial Aid for the DDS Program and the Dental Postdoctoral Programs.

You can log in to NetPartner periodically to check the status of your required documents and to see if any additional documents have been requested. Once all documents are in, and the materials have been reviewed by your financial aid officer, you will receive a Financial Aid Award letter from our office. Once you receive this letter, you will have additional steps to follow in order to process your aid. 

It is your responsibility to file the appropriate application forms and to follow up if expected aid is not awarded or has not been disbursed. Remember to keep copies of all your application materials!

If you are an international student, you should let us know about any private funding you are considering. We will have to certify the student loans you apply for in order for funds to be disbursed.

You must promptly notify our office of any changes that occur in your family's financial circumstances from those that were originally reported. This includes your marriage prior to or during the award period. Your financial aid officer will review changes in your family circumstances throughout the year to determine if there is a change in eligibility for funds.

In addition, you are obligated to notify us about any new income (scholarships, personal loans, etc.) that becomes available after filing your applications. This obligation extends throughout the academic year. You are also required to report anticipated income from external sources (private foundations, state, county or federal agencies, veteran's benefits, Social Security benefits, etc.).