Applying for Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid is an important part of pursuing your degree. Financial aid is any grant, scholarship, loan, or work-study award offered to help you meet education-related expenses. Such aid is usually provided by or through the school, federal and/or state agencies, foundations, corporations, and other entities.

The primary responsibility to pay for school rests with you and your family, to the extent you are determined able to do so. While we will do everything possible to assist, the school should be expected to provide aid only when you and your family are unable to meet the full cost of attendance.  Availability of need-based funds for low-cost loans, scholarships, and grants vary by program.  Depending on your program, you may have to finance much of your education with student loans.

Please refer to your program for specific information regarding the application process, obligations for notifying the school about changes to your financial status, and other relevant matters.

It is important to note that eligibility for financial aid is contingent upon a student maintaining satisfactory academic progress as defined by your program. It is the responsibility of each student to understand and adhere to these standards of performance.