Certificate Programs

Certificate of Professional Achievement in Implantology

Health Information Technology (HIT) Certification of Professional Achievement Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI)

These two programs are NOT eligible for Federal Direct Loans. If you will need loans to pay for school, there are some private alternative loans that use creditworthiness as one of the criteria for loan approval.

If you don’t have good credit, you will need to secure creditworthy cosigners. In some cases, even if you have good credit, securing a cosigner can lower your interest rate. Cosigners usually have to be U.S. citizens or, for some programs, a U.S. permanent resident. At a minimum, the cosigner should have at least a two-year employment history, good credit, and the ability to repay the loan in case of default on the part of the student (called debt to income ratio). When a cosigner’s income is low and/or she or he already has a mortgage, other significant debt, or children of college-age for whom she or he will want to preserve some borrowing capacity, that person may not qualify at all or may qualify only for the first year, if your program is longer.

The other important factor about eligibility for these loan programs is that most also have cumulative educational debt limits beyond which they will not lend to you. If your cumulative educational loan debt is already greater than $300,000, you should research whether any of the available loan programs for health professional students will be a possibility for you. Applicants with large educational debts portfolios may not be able to secure funding via further educational loans for this program.

You can find a list of possible lenders on the University's Student Financial Services Website. Please be aware that you have the right and ability to select the education loan provider of your choice, are not required to use any suggested lenders and will suffer no penalty for choosing a lender that is not a suggested lender.

Applications are usually available online or by phone. Many of the programs have a preapproval process. You should call lenders you are interested in to get more information.  If you apply for any of these loans please let us know so that we can certify your eligibility.

If you have any concerns about your creditworthiness, securing cosigners, or financing in general, please discuss this with your financial aid officer.

Application Requirements

All incoming students applying for financial aid must complete an Aid Type Request Form.

Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research

The Center has various scholarship and loan programs available. Once accepted for training, candidates are eligible to apply for loans or scholarships to help them finance psychoanalytic training.

Certificate candidates may be eligible for Federal Direct Loans.  Please contact us for additional information.