Alumni Events

VP&S 2023 Alumni Reunion

VP&S 2023 Alumni Reunion

Thank you for joining us for this year's VP&S Alumni Reunion! 

Our VP&S 2024 Alumni Reunion will return Friday, April 19, 2024 in New York City.

2023 Virtual VP&S Alumni Symposium

Click on the videos below to view the work and perspectives of VP&S Alumni as part of the Virtual Symposium

Jonathan Barasch '88
When Acute Kidney Injury is not Acute Kidney Injury


Robert Basner '83
Sleep, Breathing, and a Medical Lifetime in Critically Applied Physiology


Patricia Donahoe '64
Epiphanies in the Clinic and at the Bench; When is Standard of Care not enough?


Yasmin Khakoo '90
All that Glitters; My Journey to Child Neurology


John Oldham '77
The Dimensions of Personality


Margaret Ruttenberg '83
Goals of Care Conversations in the Emergency Department


VP&S 2023 Alumni Association Medalist Recipients

Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievements in Medical Research

Donald Landry '83

Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievements in Clinical Medicine

Eric Rose '75

Virginia Kneeland Frantz ’22 Award for Distinguished Women in Medicine

Mary Bassett '79

Gold Medal for Meritorious Service to VP&S and its Alumni Association

Richard Spiegel '70

Gold Medal to a Graduating Student in Recognition of their Interest in and Devotion to VP&S and its Alumni Association

Hueyjong Shih '23