Research Interests

Dr. Silverman is also collaborating with Riverside Research scientist Jonathan Mamou, PhD on a novel method called scanning acoustic microscopy for imaging and characterizing tissue sections. This method utilizes ultrasound probes with frequencies of 250-500 MHz, 10x higher than that used for clinical imaging of the eye, to produce image detail comparable to light microscopy, but more importantly, information about the physical properties of the tissue, including elasticity and density. Dr. Silverman is using this system to assess the cornea, sclera and optic nerve in keratoconus, myopia and glaucoma.

Dr. Silverman has numerous patents and was a co-founder of Ultralink, LLC, which, under license from Cornell University, developed the Artemis ultrasound system for imaging and biometric analysis of the cornea and anterior segment. Ultralink has since been acquired by Arcscan, Inc., which is further developing the technology.

  • Advanced probe design, signal processing for improved sensitivity, resolution in ultrasound images
  • High-resolution ultrasound imaging and biometry of the cornea and anterior segment
  • Imaging and characterization of ocular tissues with ultrasound alone or in combination with optics
  • Ultrafast plane-wave ultrasound imaging
  • Ultrasound-enhanced drug delivery
  • Ultrasound and optical coherence tomography to measure ultrasound-induced tissue displacements
  • Ultrasound blood-flow imaging, including use of contrast agents
  • Ultrasound determination of tissue elastic properties
  • Ultrasound to remotely palpate tissues (cornea or retina) to non-invasively probe elastic properties
  • Use of high-resolution ultrasound to map cornea layers to detect indications of early keratoconus
  • Use of lasers in combination with ultrasound to visualize light-absorbing tissue structures