Optic Disc Pit (OCT Study)

Optic disc pit at the temporal margin associated with serous macular detachment as clearly shown by the OCT image.

Clinical Features

  • Uncommon congenital condition.
  • Usually is unilateral.
  • Symptoms:
    • Enlarged blind spot
    • Visual field defect
    • Metamorphopsia and/or mild to severe decrease of visual acuity in the cases of macular involvement
  • Signs:
    • Mild enlargement of the disc
    • Variable sizes of crater-like or oval excavation of the disc
    • Usually located on the temporal side
  • Commonly associated with serous retinal detachment and peripapillary atrophy.
  • Can be complicated with cystic changes of the macula, macular hole, RPE changes, and schisis of the overlying retina.


  • Argon laser photocoagulation.
  • Vitrectomy with gas tamponade.