Recent Publications

  1. A p53/LINC00324 positive feedback loop suppresses tumor growth by counteracting SET-mediated transcriptional repression
    Zhang L, Zhang J, Xuan X, Wu D, Yu J, Wang P, Yang X, Zhang J, Gan W, He M, Liu XM, Zhou J, Wang D, Gu W, Li D
    Cell Rep. 2023.
  2. Regulation of VKORC1L1 is critical for p53-mediated tumor suppression through vitamin K metabolism
    Yang X, Wang Z, Zandkarimi F, Liu Y, Duan S, Li Z, Kon N, Zhang Z, Jiang X, Stockwell BR, Gu W
    Cell Metab. 2023.
  3. Inactive PARP1 causes embryonic lethality and genome instability in a dominant-negative manner
    Shao Z, Lee BJ, Zhang H, Lin X, Li C, Jiang W, Chirathivat N, Gershik S, Shen MM, Baer R, Zha S
    Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2023.
  4. Base-editing screens illuminate variant effects in human hematopoiesis
    Vaitsiankova A, Thakar T, Ciccia A
    Cell Rep Methods. 2023.
  5. Mechanisms of insertions at a DNA double-strand break
    Min J, Zhao J, Zagelbaum J, Lee J, Takahashi S, Cummings P, Schooley A, Dekker J, Gottesman ME, Rabadan R, Gautier J
    Mol Cell. 2023.
  6. The DNA Damage Response and Inflammation in Cancer
    Klapp V, Álvarez-Abril B, Leuzzi G, Kroemer G, Ciccia A, Galluzzi L
    Cancer Discov. 2023.
  7. Oncogenic IDH mutations increase heterochromatin-related replication stress without impacting homologous recombination
    Schvartzman JM, Forsyth G, Walch H, Chatila W, Taglialatela A, Lee BJ, Zhu X, Gershik S, Cimino FV, Santella A, Menghrajani K, Ciccia A, Koche R, Sánchez-Vega F, Zha S, Thompson CB
    Mol Cell. 2023.
  8. Inhibition of USP7 induces p53-independent tumor growth suppression in triple-negative breast cancers by destabilizing FOXM1
    Yi J, Li H, Chu B, Kon N, Hu X, Hu J, Xiong Y, Kaniskan HU, Jin J, Gu W
    Cell Death Differ. 2023.
  9. Phosphorylation of DNA-PKcs at the S2056 cluster ensures efficient and productive lymphocyte development in XLF-deficient mice
    Zhu Y, Jiang W, Lee BJ, Li A, Gershik S, Zha S
    Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2023.
  10. ATR kinase supports normal proliferation in the early S phase by preventing replication resource exhaustion
    Menolfi D, Lee BJ, Zhang H, Jiang W, Bowen NE, Wang Y, Zhao J, Holmes A, Gershik S, Rabadan R, Kim B, Zha S
    Nat Commun. 2023.
  11. The germinal center in the pathogenesis of B cell lymphomas
    Pasqualucci L
    Hematol Oncol. 2023.
  12. SIRT3 Deficiency Enhances Ferroptosis and Promotes Cardiac Fibrosis via p53 Acetylation
    Su H, Cantrell AC, Chen JX, Gu W, Zeng H
    Cells. 2023.
  13. Histone chaperones: A multinodal highway network inside the cell
    Li Z, Zhang Z
    Mol Cell. 2023.
  14. Targeting USP2 regulation of VPRBP-mediated degradation of p53 and PD-L1 for cancer therapy
    Yi J, Tavana O, Li H, Wang D, Baer RJ, Gu W
    Nat Commun. 2023.
  15. Specific regulation of BACH1 by the hotspot mutant p53R175H reveals a distinct gain-of-function mechanism
    Su Z, Kon N, Yi J, Zhao H, Zhang W, Tang Q, Li H, Kobayashi H, Li Z, Duan S, Liu Y, Olive KP, Zhang Z, Honig B, Manfredi JJ, Rustgi AK, Gu W
    Nat Cancer. 2023.
  16. Clinical PARP inhibitors allosterically induce PARP2 retention on DNA
    Langelier MF, Lin X, Zha S, Pascal JM
    Sci Adv. 2023.
  17. The Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Prospects of Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT)
    Sohn EJ, Goralsky JA, Shay JW, Min J
    Cancers (Basel). 2023.
  18. KMT2D acetylation by CREBBP reveals a cooperative functional interaction at enhancers in normal and malignant germinal center B cells
    Vlasevska S, Garcia-Ibanez L, Duval R, Holmes AB, Jahan R, Cai B, Kim A, Mo T, Basso K, Soni RK, Bhagat G, Dalla-Favera R, Pasqualucci L
    Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2023.
  19. The TINCR ubiquitin-like microprotein is a tumor suppressor in squamous cell carcinoma
    Morgado-Palacin L, Brown JA, Martinez TF, Garcia-Pedrero JM, Forouhar F, Quinn SA, Reglero C, Vaughan J, Heydary YH, Donaldson C, Rodriguez-Perales S, Allonca E, Granda-Diaz R, Fernandez AF, Fraga MF, Kim AL, Santos-Juanes J, Owens DM, Rodrigo JP, Saghatelian A, Ferrando AA
    Nat Commun. 2023.
  20. ALOX5-mediated ferroptosis acts as a distinct cell death pathway upon oxidative stress in Huntington's disease
    Song S, Su Z, Kon N, Chu B, Li H, Jiang X, Luo J, Stockwell BR, Gu W
    Genes Dev. 2023.
  21. LZTR1 Mutation Mediates Oncogenesis through Stabilization of EGFR and AXL
    Ko A, Hasanain M, Oh YT, D'Angelo F, Sommer D, Frangaj B, Tran S, Bielle F, Pollo B, Paterra R, Mokhtari K, Soni RK, Peyre M, Eoli M, Papi L, Kalamarides M, Sanson M, Iavarone A, Lasorella A
    Cancer Discov. 2023.
  22. Targeting Scaffolding Functions of Enzymes Using PROTAC Approaches
    Kim C, Wang XD, Liu Z, Zha S, Yu Y
    Biochemistry. 2023.
  23. The evolving tale of Pol2 function
    Gallitto M, Zhang Z
    Genes Dev. 2023.
  24. Integrative multi-omics networks identify PKCδ and DNA-PK as master kinases of glioblastoma subtypes and guide targeted cancer therapy
    Migliozzi S, Oh YT, Hasanain M, Garofano L, D'Angelo F, Najac RD, Picca A, Bielle F, Di Stefano AL, Lerond J, Sarkaria JN, Ceccarelli M, Sanson M, Lasorella A, Iavarone A
    Nat Cancer. 2023.
  25. Multiscale reorganization of the genome following DNA damage facilitates chromosome translocations via nuclear actin polymerization
    Zagelbaum J, Schooley A, Zhao J, Schrank BR, Callen E, Zha S, Gottesman ME, Nussenzweig A, Rabadan R, Dekker J, Gautier J
    Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2023.
  26. Double-strand break repair and mis-repair in 3D
    Zagelbaum J, Gautier J
    DNA Repair (Amst). 2023.
  27. Epigenome Programming by H3.3K27M Mutation Creates a Dependence of Pediatric Glioma on SMARCA4
    Mo Y, Duan S, Zhang X, Hua X, Zhou H, Wei HJ, Watanabe J, McQuillan N, Su Z, Gu W, Wu CC, Vakoc CR, Hashizume R, Chang K, Zhang Z
    Cancer Discov. 2022.
  28. Mcm2 promotes stem cell differentiation via its ability to bind H3-H4
    Xu X, Hua X, Brown K, Ren X, Zhang Z
    Elife. 2022.
  29. Pharmacologic Inhibition of NT5C2 Reverses Genetic and Nongenetic Drivers of 6-MP Resistance in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
    Reglero C, Dieck CL, Zask A, Forouhar F, Laurent AP, Lin WW, Albero R, Miller HI, Ma C, Gastier-Foster JM, Loh ML, Tong L, Stockwell BR, Palomero T, Ferrando AA
    Cancer Discov. 2022.
  30. Epigenetic reversal of hematopoietic stem cell aging in Phf6-knockout mice
    Wendorff AA, Aidan Quinn S, Alvarez S, Brown JA, Biswas M, Gunning T, Palomero T, Ferrando AA
    Nat Aging. 2022.

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