Cancer Cell Biology (PATH4500), Fall 2022

Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes

Introduction to Tumor Suppressors
Richard Baer
Wednesday 09/07/2022

Cell culture, telomeres, and retroviral oncogenes
Richard Baer
Monday 09/12/2022

Cellular oncogenes
Richard Baer
Wednesday 09/14/2022

Tumor Pathology and Modeling

Histopathology/molecular pathology
Hanina Hibshoosh
Monday 09/19/2022

Mouse models
Ken Olive
Wednesday 09/21/2022

Tumor Progression and plasticity

Single-cell analysis of tumor progression
Peter Sims
Monday 09/26/2022

Cancer plasticity and Cancer stem cells
Michael Shen
Wednesday 09/28/2022

Genomic instability

DNA repair pathway
Shan Zha
Monday 10/03/2022

Cancer evolution and cancer genomics
Raul Rabadan
Wednesday 10/05/2022

Aneuploidy/genomic instability
Alison Taylor
Monday 10/10/2022

DNA damage-directed therapies
Jean Gautier
Wednesday 10/12/2022

Midterm Exam

Tumor microenvironment, invasion and resistance

Invasion and metastasis
Swarnali Acharyya
Wednesday 10/19/2022

Tumor microenvironment and tumor immunology
Robert Schwabe
Monday 10/24/2022

Minah Kim
Wednesday 10/26/2022

Rational treatment of cancer and therapy resistance
Adolfo Ferrando
Monday 10/31/2022

Cancer cell re-programming and metabolism

Cancer Metabolism
Christine Chio
Wednesday 11/02/2022

Zhiguo Zhang
Monday 11/07/2022

Metabolism, chromatin biology and cell fate
Juan M. Schvartzman
Wednesday 11/09/2022

TP53 role in cancer

TP53 and apoptosis
Wei Gu
Monday 11/14/2022

Selected human tumor types as models of cancer research

B-cell lymphoma
Riccardo Dalla-Favera
Wednesday 11/16/2022

T-cell leukemia and lymphoma
Teresa Palomero
Monday 11/28/2022

Molecular Pathogenesis of colon cancer
Anil Rustgi
Wednesday 11/30/2022

Antonio Iavarone
Monday 12/05/2022

Final Exam