Educational Research Grants

2024-2025 Educational Research Grant Recipients


Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Apgar Academy Educational Research Grants.  Three $5,000 grants were awarded to proposals that seek to implement new ways of teaching the complex skill set necessary to advance health care during the 24-25 fiscal year at CUIMC. Areas of impact include: Human Nutrition, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Pediatrics.

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(L to R: Patrice Pryce, MD; Moneek Madra, PhD, Said S. Saab, MD, MEd, MPhil)

Proposal: Development of a Health Equity-Focused Simulation for Pediatric Critical Care Trainees to Improve End of Life Communication with Parents

Principal Investigator: Patrice Pryce, MD

Co-Investigators: Linda Aponte-Patel, MD; Tarif Choudhury, MD


Proposal: Lifestyle Medicine Course Development

Principal Investigator: Moneek Madra, PhD


Proposal: Development of a Program to Assess MCY Students’ Practical Skills

 in Suturing and Knot Tying

Principal Investigator: Said S. Saab, MD, MEd, MPhil

Co-Investigators: Jessica Chaoul, MD; Zachary Milligan, BS

Previous Grantees

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2023 Education Research Grant Recipients

Proposal: Students’ Perceptions of a Learner Completed Workplace Based Assessment for Resident Teaching

PI: Dr. Shoshana Friedman; Co-investigators Marguerite Costich MD MS, Nicole Meyers MD and Marina Catallozzi MD MSCE



2022 Education Research Grant Recipients

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(L to R:) Dr. Shivani Ghoshal; Dr. Hetty Cunningham

Proposal: Simulation-enhanced Curriculum to Improve Critical Care Trainee Education in Brain Death Communication: Consensus Framework and Simulation Pilot Study. 

PI: Dr. Shivani Ghoshal (Professor of Neurology & Neurosurgery); Co-investigators: Kristi Burkhart (Medicine), Vivek Moitra (Anesthesiology) and David Wang (Anesthesiology)

Proposal: Building the Capacity of Healthcare Professionals Toward Anti-Racist and Inclusive Interprofessional Care

PI: Hetty Cuningham, MD (Associate Professor and Associate Vice Chair for Education and the Learning Environment, Department of Pediatrics; VP&S Director for Equity and Justice in Curricular Affairs); Co-Investigators: Laurel Daniels Abbruzzese, PT, EdD (Reahbilitation and Regerative Medicine- PT) and Ashley Graham-Perel, EdD, RN, NPD-BC, MEDSURG-BC, CNE (Nursing)

 2021 Education Research Grant Recipients

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(Top L to R: Ahimaz, Wynn, Bell, Ader; Bottom L to R: Hill, Saha, Barron, Carpenter)

Proposal: Developmental of an Interactive Educational Module to Teach Physicians How to Consent for Whole Exome Sequencing

Principal Investigator: Priyanka Ahimaz, MS, CGC; Co-Investigator: Julia Wynn, MS, MS, CGC

Proposal: Intervention to capture the diagnostic potential of individuals in a group-based learning or clinical environment: A feasibility study

Principal Investigator: Michelle Bell MD; Co-Investigator: Jeremy Ader MD, MBA

Utilization of a 3D printed Ultrasound Phantom Model of Shoulder Dislocation as a Novel Training Tool

Principal Investigator: Jason Hill MD-PhD

Training Medical Students in Motivational Interviewing: Improving Skills in Substance Abuse Counseling

Principal Investigator: Prantik Saha, MD MPH; Co-Investigators: Beth Anne Barron, MD and Kenneth Carpenter, PhD

2020 Virginia Apgar Academy Education Research Grant

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Beth Barron, MD

Proposal: PHASE II: The development of a faculty student progress coaching aid: NLP approach to EPA sentiment analysis & text classification

PI:Beth Barron, MD in collaboration with CERE




2019 Virginia Apgar Academy Education Research Grants

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(L to R:) Jean-Marie E. Alves-Bradford, MD; Hemangi Shuklah, MD; Beth Barron, MD

Proposal: Training psychiatric residents in primary care in integrated care settings

PI: Jean- Marie E. Alves-Bradford, MD 

Proposal: AudoBon-Bons, Bite-sized learning for Residents and students in the Ambulatory Ob/Gyn Clinic

PI: Hemangi Shukla, MD with Co-Investigators Rini Ratan MD, Tiffany Sia MD, and Elizabeth McMillian

Proposal: The development of a faculty student progress coaching aid: NLP approach to EPA sentiment analysis & text classification

PI:Beth Barron, MD in collaboration with CERE

2018 Virginia Apgar Academy Education Research Grants 

Four headshots of diverse winners smiling

(L-to-R:) Christopher Kevin Wong, PT, PhD; Kanwal M. Farooqi, MD; Ruth Landau, MD; Allison Lee, MD

Proposal: Developing CUIMC Clinical Faculty to Meet the Need for Published Clinical Scholars in the Pipeline of Future Physical Therapy Faculty with a New Journal Author Advising Project 

PI: Christopher Kevin Wong, PT, PhD

Proposal: 3D Printing as a Teaching Tool

PI: Kanwal M. Farooqi, MD

Proposal: ‘Improving Providers’ Education On Opioid Prescription After Surgery

PI: Ruth Landau, MD

Proposal: A randomized controlled trial to compare the effectiveness of a serious game versus an educational video to improve competency in the management of perioperative anaphylaxis among PGY-1 residents 

PI: Allison Lee, MD