Apgar Academy Events

The Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators sponsors the following annual events:

Vanneck-Bailey Scholar Salon (October)                                                                  

Each fall the scholar from the previous award year presents their final report from their year of scholarship. Exclusive to Academy members and others via special invitation.

Vanneck-Bailey Scholar Award (October-February)                                                  

One Vanneck-Bailey Scholar is awarded annually to support innovative leadership in new educational programs that will “ensure that VP&S students are “among the finest physicians entering the profession, skilled in the knowledge and practice of medicine and modeling compassionate, humanistic care to all patients.” All VP&S faculty members are eligible. Call: October; Announced: November; Application Deadline: January; Award Recipient Announced: February; Award Applied: July 1 of following fiscal year

Academy Membership Drive (November-April)

Applications to join the academy open in November each year culminating in a Welcome event each April. Historically, this event has included a dinner at The Faculty Club.  Recently, the incoming classes have been celebrated virtually.


Guest Apgar Salon    (January-February) 

Guest speakers are invited annually to share their experience exclusively with the academy members.  Previous speakers include Arthur Kleinman.

Educational Research Grants (February-May)

Award to VP&S faculty members to fund projects that seek to implement new ways of teaching the complex skill set necessary to advance health care.  Up to five grants may be awarded, depending on the quality of the submissions.  Announced: February; Application Deadline: April; Award Recipient Announced: May; Award Applied: July 1 of following fiscal year

Thomas Q Morris Symposium (April)