Job Opportunities

Postdoctoral Research Position in Epigenetic Inheritance and Cancer Epigenetics

June 02, 2021

Postdoctoral Research position is available to study mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance and cancer epigenetics at Columbia University’s Institute for Cancer Genetics. Candidates with a strong background in molecular biology, cancer biology, protein purification and structural determination are strongly encouraged to apply. Detailed info about our lab can be found here.

Eligible candidates must have a PhD and/or MD degree in one of the following: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetic or Cancer Biology. Strong competence in human cancer cells, a record of productive and collaborative research, and excellent communication skills in written and spoken English are required.

Interested candidates should email their CV and the names of three references to Zhiguo Zhang

Two post-doctoral positions available

May 11, 2021

Two post-doctoral positions available immediately for MD and/or PhD fellows interested in genetic- and epigenetic-driven mechanisms implicated in the pathogenesis of mature B cell lymphomas.

The individuals will work on the role of lymphoma-associated mutations in the malignant transformation of germinal center B cells, with emphasis on those targeting histone/chromatin modifier genes. Examples include mechanisms by which inactivation of the KMT2D methyltransferase (Zhang et al, Nature Medicine 2015) and the CREBBP/EP300 acetyltransferases (Zhang et al., Cancer Discovery 2017) contribute to the clonal expansion of the lymphoma precursor cells, and the identification and targeting of synthetic lethal interactions in these tumors (Meyer et al, Immunity, 2019). Other projects focused on genetic determinants of specific prognostic subgroups of B cell lymphomas (e.g. Liu, Blood Cancer Discovery 2020), the exploration of the lymphoma non-coding genome, and the interaction between gene mutations and the immune microenvironment are also ongoing. Candidates will have the opportunity to work in the vibrant environment of the Institute for Cancer Genetics and integrated with an outstanding group of bioinformaticians.

The ideal candidate is highly motivated, enthusiastic, and capable of handling a fast-paced environment, with a proven track record of research and laboratory work in the form of publications in English language journals. Strong organizational, time management, and project management skills required. Experience in genetics and chromatin analysis, B cell immunology, and mouse models as well as general molecular biology skills will be appreciated. Candidates are expected to be able and communicate in written and spoken English.

Please send your resume and details to Laura Pasqualucci