Vanneck-Bailey Scholars Program

Dr. Jean Marie Alves-Bradford named 2021-2022 Vanneck-Bailey Scholar

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Please join the Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators of the Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons as we congratulate Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry Jean Marie Alves-Bradford as the 2021-2022 Vanneck-Bailey Scholar. The Vanneck-Bailey Award is given annually to support a VP&S faculty member to develop educational programs that will “ensure that VP&S students are among the finest physicians entering the profession, skilled in the knowledge and practice of medicine and modeling compassionate, humanistic care to all patients.” We recognize the generosity of CUIMC patients whose commitments have made this award possible.

Dr. Alves-Bradford has distinguished herself as a visionary and role model of equity and justice in teaching and practice for Columbia students and faculty. She has partnered in overseeing the development of high-impact, required anti-racist medical school curricula. Her research in providing effective primary care for patients with severe psychiatric illnesses has improved care significantly for our community psychiatry patients. With the support of the Vanneck-Bailey Scholar Award, Dr. Alves-Bradford proposes to “develop and implement a longitudinal curriculum of allyship, upstander and advocacy skills in face of experiencing or witnessing discrimination or bias during their medical education.” This proposal aims to provide much desired faculty development on learning how to teach students to use advocacy, allyship and upstander skills to respond to bias.


We congratulate Dr. Alves-Bradford and thank the applicants and selection committee members for their help in advancing the mission of medical education research and scholarship at VP&S.

Previous Vanneck - Bailey Scholars

2020-2021:Dr. Devon Rupley

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Devon Rupley, MD

Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Proposal: Ready for MCY: An Intensive Transitions Curriculum Facilitating Professional Identity Formation





2019-2020: Dr. Sidney Hankerson

young black man smiling in grey suit with blue shirt and striped tie
Sidney H. Hankerson, MD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Proposal: Teaching Social Determinants of Health and Mental Health First Aid to Medical Students







2017-2018: Dr. Anne Armstrong-Coben

Caucasian woman with arms crossed, smiling
Dr. Anne Armstrong-Coben

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at CUIMC, NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia

Proposal: An Advisory Dean Curriculum Spanning the Four Years at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons: Helping students develop into compassionate, humanistic physicians





2016-2017: Dr. Hetty Cunningham (inaugural scholar) 

Woman smiling in red button down blouse, hair pulled back
Dr. Hetty Cunningham

Associate Professor of Pediatrics at CUIMC, NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia

Proposal: Promoting reflective capacity in the VP&S portfolio to support professional identity formulation in a medical education landscape increasingly focused on competency achievement