Faculty Innovations

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On this page, you can find scholarly products, assessments, tools, and other innovations that our faculty would like to share.  

Faculty Publications

OT For Literacy

The Inventory of Reading Occupations - Adult version (IRO-Adult) and The Inventory of Reading Occupations - Pediatric version (IRO-Pedi)

The Dream Home Assessment (DHA)

The Dream Home Assessment (DHA) was created as a functional performance based OT assessment that efficiently enables an occupational therapist to evaluate executive function skills within the mental health population in a non-threatening way. It was inspired by the Build a City (BAC) assessment that was developed in 1975 as a constructive, projective evaluation of social interaction skills for mentally ill clients (Clark, 1999). The DHA measures executive functions in a non-routine, novel activity, which does not require reading.

The Living Independently is For Everyone (LIFE) Program

The Living Independently is For Everyone (LIFE) Program is a metacognitive strategy-training intervention designed to improve shopping performance in adults with intellectual disability secondary to Down syndrome.