Our alumni are employed at a variety of leading medical centers and genetics/genomics companies and organizations. Most have roles that offer a combination of clinical, research, and/or teaching responsibilities. They are actively contributing to shaping the future of genetic counseling practice and our profession.

Current employers include:

  • Columbia University Irving Medical Center; New York, NY
  • NYU Langone Health; New York, NY
  • Montefiore; New York, NY
  • Mount Sinai Beth Israel; New York, NY
  • Massachusetts General Hospital; Boston, MA
  • Boston University; Boston, MA
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; Boston, MA
  • Boston Children's Hospital; Boston, MA
  • Obstetrix Medical Group of Texas; Dallas, TX
  • Mary Bridge Children's Multicare; Tacoma, WA


Class of 2021

Class of 2021

Back row: Denise Ma, Aimee Allworth, Maya Rawal, Gauri Anand, Bree Martin, Anna Karlsen

Front row: Connolly Steigerwald, Sarah Wang, Cecilia Miguel, Dana Becker, Alexandra Tinfow