Genetic Counselors for Choice

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Genetic Counselors for Choice is a student-led organization founded in 2022 by GC students and faculty at Columbia University.

Genetic Counselors for Choice is fighting for reproductive rights with support from genetic counselors and allies. Reproductive choice is fundamental to the principles of genetic counseling. Not only do abortion bans obstruct us from providing proper care to our patients, but they strip patients of their autonomy and further amplify existing health disparities in marginalized populations. As healthcare professionals who are trained to understand the importance of choice from both a biological and a psychosocial lens, we are uniquely qualified to speak up for reproductive justice and advocate for access to safe abortions.

Our main goal is to raise awareness and funds for the Dr. Tiller Patient Assistance Fund at the National Abortion Federation (NAF) in honor of Dr. George Tiller, a long-time proponent of genetic counselor services and the genetic counseling profession. Together, we can increase access to abortions and fight for reproductive rights.

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