Gerald E. Thomson Undergraduate Pre-Medical Program (GET-UPP)

The Gerald E. Thomson Undergraduate Pre-Medical Program (GET-UPP) is a free pre-medical mentorship program designed to supplement students’ academic trajectory as they pursue medical school admission.

GET-UPP serves undergraduate students from Columbia University, Barnard College, and the City University of New York schools. Advisory support, mentoring, clinical shadowing, and other programming takes places at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

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Offering weekly opportunities for engagement, GET-UPP’s program structure ensures consistent engagement throughout the academic year. By centering career exposure and development, mentorship and advisement, and practical experiences, GET-UPP provides students with a solid foundation for successful matriculation to medical school. Eligible students are invited to apply in the spring, acceptance notifications are sent out in the summer, and admitted students begin participating in programming in the fall following their acceptance. Once a student is admitted into the GET-UPP cohort, they may remain in the program until graduation without re-application.

Graphic describing weekly GET-UPP activities: in-person workshop, online webinars, journal entries, clinical shadowing.
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