VP&S Strategic Planning

Calling for Additional Input

The VP&S Strategic Plan will serve as a dynamic roadmap to guide the work of the VP&S leadership team for the next 5–10 years. To create this roadmap, a two-phase strategic planning process was launched in January 2023. In Phase I, a strategic planning steering committee was formed and an outside consulting firm was engaged to gather input from the community about our challenges and opportunities. More than 250 faculty and staff members participated in individual or small group interviews, and more than 1,700 shared their views in an online survey. The information from Phase I was translated into an overarching mission, foundational values, and set of goals for each of our missions and our cross-cutting efforts. Areas of opportunity for operational excellence were also identified (facilities, campus services, communications) as were administrative areas where transformation was already underway.  

In Phase II, working groups were created for each of the goals by soliciting participation directly from the VP&S community, including department chairs and other members of VP&S leadership. Each working group was co-chaired by a faculty member and administrator from VP&S, with support from administrative leadership. The working groups met over several weeks to develop their recommendations, which were brought together into a report that is now being shared with the VP&S community for feedback and prioritization. The report contains a detailed series of recommendations for each of the goals, each one in the form of an actionable strategy, as well as a longer list of tactics for each strategy. 

Please take the time to review the recommendations and answer the accompanying survey. We want to learn which recommendations are most important to you. You should feel free to focus your attention and survey responses on the areas of your professional interest. After incorporating your feedback, Dean Armstrong and the steering committee will issue the VP&S Strategic Plan in early 2024.

Review the VP&S Working Group Recommendations    Take the Survey

If you have any questions, please contact Jonathan Touson at jt3119@cumc.columbia.edu. We look forward to receiving your feedback and we thank you for your engagement in this process. This is an exciting moment to consider where we are headed and what we can accomplish together.