Alumni in Print

Cheechakoes in Wonderland: A Southeast Alaskan Odyssey Willard E. Andrews’64 Dorrance Publishing Co., Pittsburgh, 2022

Dr. Willard E. Andrews’64 writes about a young couple consigned by Uncle Sam to move from the New Jersey suburbs to live and work for two years in Southeast Alaska. Following the experience, they return by choice to live, work, recreate in the out of doors, and raise a family. The story reflects back on what life was like a generation or more ago on America’s Last Frontier, a unique place outside the realm of most people’s experience. Dr. Andrews wrote the book to interest, educate, entertain, and, perhaps, inspire others to take the plunge and live the dream played out in his own life an on the pages of his book.

Dorothy Hansine Andersen: The Life and Times of the Pioneering Physician- Scientist Who Identified Cystic Fibrosis Scott Baird’85 Springer, 2022

Dr. John Scott Baird’s book chronicles the life and accomplishments of Dorothy Andersen, MD, the pioneering American pathologist and pediatrician who defined cystic fibrosis and treated patients with the disease. The book details Dr. Andersen’s early life, when she was orphaned as an adolescent, through her college career and her challenging start in medicine. The author examines Dr. Andersen’s role in defining cystic fibrosis and her career in pathology and pediatrics, including attempts by others to minimize her work through gender bias and the Matilda effect, in which the work of women scientists is attributed to male colleagues.

The Curious History of the Heart: A Cultural and Scientific Journey Vincent M. Figueredo’87 Columbia University Press, 2023

Dr. Vincent M. Figueredo, a cardiologist and expert on the history of the human heart, traces the history of our understanding of the heart back to the dawn of civilization. The book explores the role and significance

of the heart in art, culture, religion, philosophy, and science across time and place. As a cardiologist, he explains how the heart works and what cutting-edge science is teaching us about the organ. As a historian, he explores the many meanings of the heart in our emotional and daily lives. The book includes information about the emerging field of neurocardiology, which has found evidence of a “heartbrain connection” in mental and physical health, lending support to ancient views that the heart held intelligence, memory, emotion, and the soul.

Advanced Parenting: Advice for Helping Kids Through Diagnoses, Differences, and Mental Health Challenges Kelly Fradin’10 Balance, 2023

Dr. Kelly Fradin’s newest book addresses the many common challenges parents face during their children’s formative years. She offers evidence-based guidance for managing the emotional stress that comes from having a child who deviates from the norm, offering advice for coping with uncertainty and navigating the business of care. With her unique perspective as a mother, childhood cancer survivor, and pediatrician, Dr. Fradin knows that families need to be seen, supported, and better prepared for what happens when their children are sick. “I found that most parenting resources are for healthy kids with typical problems, so I sought to create a resource for parents during the tough times when things go wrong,” she says. She offers help for every phase of the journey.