Our Residents

Harlem Hospital Center


  • Sravya Datla, MD

    • Hometown: Hyderabad, India
    • Medical School: JSS medical college, Mysore
    • Professional Interests: Child Neurology
    • Personal Interest/Hobbies: Baking
     Sravya Datla, MD
  • Marquis Angelo Joson, MD

    • Hometown: Manila, Philippines
    • Medical School: University of the Philippines – College of Medicine
    • Professional Interests: Critical Care & Cardiology
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: I really like doing different things that make me happy. I enjoy walking outside, feeling the sun, and reading books, especially sci-fi ones. I also like learning new things and getting good at new stuff.
    Marquis Angelo Joson, MD
  • Yael Lesin-Davis, MD

    • Hometown: Liverpool, UK
    • Medical School: Ben Gurion University of the Negev
    • Professional Interests: Gen. Peds, Neurology
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: I love to cook exotic dishes and travel and explore different cultures around the world.
    Yael Lesin-Davis, MD
  • Nang Lynn, MD

    • Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar
    • Medical School: University of Medicine 2, Yangon
    • Professional Interests: General Pediatrics
    • Personal Interest/Hobbies: Gardening, Interior Designs
    Nang Lynn, MD
  • Deborah Omoleye, MD

    • Hometown: Ile-Ife, Nigeria
    • Medical School: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
    • Professional Interests: I love every aspect of pediatrics and therefore chose general pediatrics
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: I love dancing to upbeat music; my secret to staying strong.
    Deborah Omoleye, MD
  • Zainab Opoola, MD

    • Hometown: Offa, Nigeria
    • Medical School: University of Ilorin College of Health Sciences
    • Professional Interests: For now, keeping my options open, though neurology, developmental pediatrics, neonatology and primary pediatrics will be on top of my list.
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: travelling, spending time with family and friends and general wellness.
    Zainab Opoola, MD
  • Ashley Thomas, MD

    • Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
    • Medical School: University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica
    • Professional Interests: Heme/Oncology, Primary Care
    • Personal Interest/Hobbies: I enjoy exercising, going to the movies and watching NBA games.
    Ashley Thomas, MD


  • Shadi Alsmadi, MD

    • Hometown: Ajloun, Jordan
    • Medical School: Lugansk State Medical University /Ukraine
    • Professional Interests: Neonatology, pain management
    • Personal interests/Hobbies: Reading, History
     Shadi Alsmadi, MD
  • Margarita Alzate Bonilla, MD

    • Hometown: Cali, Colombia
    • Medical School: Universidad Icesi
    • Professional Interests: Pediatric Palliative Care
    • Personal interests/Hobbies: reading, bullet journaling, lettering, cats
    Margarita Alzate Bonilla, MD
  • Alfred Chinbuah, MD

    • Hometown: Tema, Ghana
    • Medical School: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
    • Professional Interests: General pediatrics, Adolescent medicine, Hematology/Sickle cell disease
    • Personal interests/Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, NFL, Travelling and sightseeing in beautiful NYC
    Alfred Chinbuah, MD
  • Scarlett Flaz, MD

    • Hometown: New York, NY
    • Medical School: Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE)
    • Professional Interests: deciding between Neonatology and Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    • Personal interests/Hobbies: I love baking and cake decorating. I journal a lot, and love to read and watch cheesy romantic comedies. I love to sing and take karaoke very serious. I love traveling and road tripping. I also love meeting up with family and friends. 
    Scarlett Flaz, MD
  • Antonia Gaudig, MD

    • Hometown: Cologne, Germany    
    • Medical School: Westfaelische Wilhelms-University Muenster, Germany
    • Professional Interests: I plan to pursue a fellowship after residency. I am very interested in PICU, but am keeping an open mind to all subspecialties. So much to see and learn!
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: I am a huge foodie and love exploring all the different options and restaurants NYC has to offer. I am so grateful to be living in such an amazing food city! I like going for runs on the water and enjoy getting some peace of mind while doing some yoga. Always love catching a good comedy show or a jazz concert. 
    Antonia Gaudig, MD
  • Elice Marie C. Hizon, MD

    • Hometown: Pampanga, Philippines
    • Medical School: University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Philippines
    • Professional Interests: Neonatology, Hematology-Oncology, General Pediatrics
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: traveling to places with beautiful sceneries, hiking, weightlifting and yoga for exercise, watching medical series and Korean dramas.
    Elice Marie C. Hizon, MD
  • Panagiotis Krepis, MD

    • Hometown: Athens, Greece
    • Medical School: Medical School of Athens, National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
    • Professional Interests: Pediatrics GI and Liver Diseases
    • Personal Interest/Hobbies: History, Swimming
    Panagiotis Krepis, MD
  • Seth Roncoroni, MD

    • Hometown: Phillipsburg, NJ
    • Medical School: F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine, Uniformed Services University 
    • Professional Interests: General Pediatrics, Population Health, Adolescent Medicine 
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: Atlanta Braves baseball, Movies, and Old School Magic the Gathering  
    Seth Roncoroni, MD


  • Rianne Lu Yap, MD

    • Chief Resident
    • Hometown: Davao City, Philippines
    • Medical School: University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
    • Professional Interests: Primary Care, Critical Care, Neonatology, Hematology and Oncology
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: Traveling, Photography and Videography, Fashion, Cooking, Hiking, Yoga, Pilates, Going on spontaneous road trips and eating out
     Rianne Lu Yap, MD
  • Sheri-Dawn N. Cunningham, MD

    • Hometown: Montego Bay, Jamaica
    • Medical School: The University of the West Indies, Jamaica
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: Performing Arts, Cooking, Aesthetics, Lounging on the beach with my family and friends.
    Sheri-Dawn N. Cunningham, MD
  • Chazine Francis, MD

    • Hometown: Old Harbour, St. Catherine, Jamaica
    • Medical School: University of the West Indies Mona
    • Professional Interests: Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: Watching basketball, dancing, going to the beach, hanging out with friends
    Chazine Francis, MD
  • Abigail F. Melicor, MD

    • Hometown: Cebu City, Philippines
    • Medical School: Cebu Institute of Medicine
    • Professional Interests: Hematology-Oncology, Critical Care
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: Traveling, reading, trying out new restaurants, spending time with family and friends
    Abigail F. Melicor, MD
  • Lydia Newton, MD

    • Chief Resident
    • Hometown: Bengaluru, India
    • Medical School: Christian Medical College,  Vellore, India
    • Professional Interests: Neurodevelopmental disabilities/ Developmental and behavioral pediatrics
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: Playing the guitar, singing, cycling, swimming, white water rafting, baking and chess
     Lydia Newton, MD
  • Kinsa Thi Oo, MD

    • Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar
    • Medical School: University of Medicine 1, Yangon
    • Professional Interests: I have always wanted to pursue Endocrinology Fellowship as I have seen a lot of children with endocrine problems such as Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus back home. Since we do not have such programs in Myanmar, I would like to learn more about the subject in the U.S and practice here as well as share my knowledge in Myanmar so that I can be a part of giving proper care to all children equally.
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: I love to travel, hike and camp. I cook and bake a lot. I also enjoy staying home reading books all day, and I am a big family person.
    Kinsa Thi Oo, MD
  • Bibita Peter, MD

    • Hometown: Kerala, India
    • Medical School: Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, India
    • Professional Interests: Neonatology
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: Listening to music, cooking.
    Bibita Peter, MD
  • Mengqi Zhang, MD

    • Hometown: Anhui, China
    • Medical School: China Medical University
    • Professional Interests: NICU, genetics
    • Personal Interests/Hobbies: I love hiking with friends and family, cooking, and watching movies
    Mengqi Zhang, MD