OTD Student Profiles

Current Students

  • Mari Arnaud

    • Cohort: Spring 2018

    Affiliation: PS 197

    OTD goals: To help expand the practice area of functional literacy in school-based occupational therapy. To develop OT-based assessments and interventions in functional literacy. To expand awareness of occupational injustice related to literacy rates in the US.

  • Scott Rushanan

    • Cohort: Fall 2018

    Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania Health System

    OTD Goals: Improve my knowledge and clinical skills regarding occupational therapy assessments and interventions for patients with cognitive impairments.

  • Margaret Ruzich

    • Cohort: Fall 2018

    Affiliation: Treehouse Pediatric Therapy

    OTD Goals: Expand the body of knowledge related to children with neurological deficits to provide more refined assessment and treatment. 

  • Christina Dumas

    • Cohort: Spring 2019

    Affiliation: New York Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell

    OTD Goals: Build upon the body of knowledge related to children hospitalized in an acute care setting to provide more refined functional assessment and treatment methods, and contribute to improvements in best practices for children and their families as a leader in the field of occupational therapy.

  • Michaela Fraser

    • Cohort: Fall 2019

    Affiliation: Columbia University, Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine

    OTD Goal: To better understand the cognitive processes that students undergo during service learning in order to identify strategies to enhance service learning experiences that complement clinical and classroom pedagogical goals to better prepare occupational therapy students to work with diverse populations.

    Michaela Fraser headshot
  • Jonette Ishmael

    • Cohort: Fall 2019

    Affiliation: Encompass Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

    OTD Goal: To develop a culturally sensitive/ appropriate tool that accurately screens adults with neurological impairments and that identifies personal and environmental barriers to occupational performance. 

    Jonette Ishmael headshot
  • Ida Koraitem

    • Cohort: Fall 2019

    Affiliation: Kennedy Children's Center 

    OTD Goal: To establish a standardized cognitive model of practice for the assessment of pediatric executive functioning that will allow clinicians to better evaluate clinical performance and effectiveness of intervention plans.

    Ida Koraitem headshot
  • Van Lemmon

    • Cohort: Fall 2019

    Affiliation: Central Ohio Assistive Technology 

    OTD Goal: Develop a web-based formative assessment that supports educational teams in identifying assistive technology tools to support clients with difficulties with written expression

    Van Lemmon headshot
  • Juliana Perez

    • Cohort: Fall 2019

    Affiliation: California Institute of Technology

    OTD goals: To create an assessment or intervention that evaluates deficits in literacy and comprehension in neurodivergent young adults. To advocate for equity and inclusion in for neurodivergent populations at the university level. 

    Juliana Perez headshot
  • Tiffany Sha

    • Cohort: Fall 2019

    Affiliation: International Institute for the Brain
    OTD Goals: To create ways for adolescents with cognitive deficits to undergo pre-vocational training, allowing them to compile their strengths in order to determine the most adequate and appropriate direction to achieve success.

    Tiffany Sha headshot
  • Sancler Andrade

    • Cohort: Fall 2020

    Affiliation: HCA Medical City Dallas

    OTD Goal: To understand and measure how executive functions impairment affect the performance of occupations in the hospital setting. 

    Sancler Andrade
  • Jed David

    • Cohort: Fall 2020

    Affiliation: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

    OTD Goals: Develop a culturally relevant practice model that explicitly weaves the anthropological theories of Filipino core values and occupational therapy theories of co-occupation. 

    Jed David
  • Rebecca Ewert

    • Cohort: Fall 2020

    Affiliation: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    OTD Goals: Develop and implement evidence-based practices in the treatment of cognitive deficits unique to people with cancer diagnoses. Become a leader in the field of occupational therapy and advocate for the use of cognitive interventions to improve functional outcomes. 

    Rebecca Ewert headshot
  • Ada Lawson

    • Cohort: Fall 2020

    Affiliation: Tiny Hands Therapeutics, PLLC

    OTD Goals: To develop a therapeutic intervention using the Occupational Adaptation model to improve executive functioning skills while exploring the occupation of music.

    Ada Lawson headshot
  • Namrata Sadarangani

    • Cohort: Fall 2020

    Affiliation: St. Andrew's Community Hospital, Singapore.

    OTD Goals: To develop a deep understanding of the science of cognition and perception and to apply that knowledge towards developing functional assessment tools for the early detection of cognitive impairment potentially related to dementia. 

    Namrata Sadarangani headshot
  • Adeola Solaru

    • Cohort: Fall 2020

    Affiliation: Association House of Chicago 

    OTD Goal: To develop a cognitive assessment or intervention tool for adult psychiatric patients using an occupational justice framework. 

    Adeola Solaru headshot
  • Valencia Steele

    • Cohort: Fall 2020

    Affiliation: Occupational Therapy For Kidz – Rochdale Early Advantage Charter School (REACS)

    OTD Goals: To develop an effective occupational therapy program for families with children who have cognitive and sensorimotor disabilities while prioritizing positive self-care practices for families from diverse backgrounds.

    Valencia Steele headshot