OTD Student Profiles

Current Students

  • Jed David

    • Cohort: Fall 2020

    Affiliation: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

    OTD Goals: Develop a culturally relevant practice model that explicitly weaves the anthropological theories of Filipino core values and occupational therapy theories of co-occupation. 

    Jed David
  • Lisa Lowenthal

    • Cohort: Fall 2022

    Professional affiliation: Jersey Shore University Medical Center

    OTD Goals: Deepen knowledge of functional cognitive assessments and their impact on discharge planning to reduce readmissions in the acute care setting. 

  • Gurpreet Singh

    • Cohort: Fall 2022

    Affiliation: Rockland Psychiatric Center 

    OTD Goals: To develop a sensory regulation based occupational therapy program that promotes functional participation in adults with serious mental illness. 

    headshot of Gurpreet Singh
  • Stephanie Alvarado

    • Cohort: Fall 2022

    Affiliation: Shandy Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO

    OTD Goals: I hope to create assessments that are functional, performance-based and measure executive function within the pediatric population. 

    headshot of Stephanie Alvarado
  • Tanaya Badsa

    • Cohort: Fall 2023

    Affiliation: JFK University Medical Center, Johnson Institute for Rehabilitation

    OTD Goals: To build upon the body of knowledge and interventions related to neurological deficits resulting in impaired self-awareness in adults, while contributing to the OT field as an emerging leader and researcher.

    headshot of Tanaya Badsa
  • Luis Filgueira

    • Cohort: Fall 2023


    Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital

    OTD Goal: To promote self-efficacy by combining cognitive and ecological theories in older adults.

    headshot of Luis Filgueira
  • Ada Lawson

    • Cohort: Fall 2023

    Affiliation: Cornerstone Rehab

    OTD Goals: To identify and address occupational injustices and inequities using a proactive approach within the occupational therapy community.

    headshot of Ada Lawson
  • Natalie Hsi Tung Lu

    • Cohort: Fall 2023

    OTD goals: To deepen my understanding of the progression of neurodegenerative diseases, with the intention of developing and implementing evidence-based practices in occupational therapy assessments and interventions, in order to maximize cognitive functions of individuals in the geriatric population.

    head shot for Natalie Hsi Tung Lu
  • Morgan O'Neil

    • Cohort: Fall 2023

    Affiliation: Manhattan Childrens Center 

    OTD Goal:  To explore and interpret the impact of a low-cost adaptive device program through outcomes in participation, function, and independence in children with disabilities. 

    headshot of Morgan O'Neil
  • Lee Westover

    • Cohort: Fall 2023

    Affiliation: Project Renewal, Inc

    OTD Goals: Continue elucidating the lived experience of people who use drugs and who have experienced homelessness as advocacy for the application of harm reduction principles in clinical practice.

    Lee Westover headshot

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