Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy

Fieldwork is a critical component of our program, and is threaded throughout the two-year experience.

Level I, part-time fieldwork, is scheduled each term as concurrent experiences with the academic learning of a particular course. Two different patterns are followed, depending on the objectives and/or content of a course: students are assigned individually or in pairs to a facility throughout the term; or students are assigned to a setting where they assume greater responsibility in determining the need for occupational therapy services. Each Level I fieldwork pattern is designed to demand sequentially higher skills of application.

Students complete Level 1 fieldwork in Mental Health, Physical Disabilities, Pediatrics, and with Older Adults.

Level II fieldwork is generally scheduled as a full-time experience following completion of all academic work for each school year. The first level II experience is typically completed between years one and two and the second after the completion of their academic coursework.

Level II fieldwork must include a minimum of three months in a mental health setting, and three months in an adult physical rehabilitation setting. An optional level II fieldwork experience can be pursued in an additional area of interest, including pediatrics, hand therapy, or national policy.

Graduating from our program requires successful completion of all academic and fieldwork requirements.