MS/OTD Student Profiles

Learn more about our current MS/OTD students and see the completed work of our program alumni.  


Current MS/OTD Students

  • Jack Battle

    OTD Goal: To deepen my knowledge on Sensory Integration Theory so that I may apply it to a pediatric setting with a focus on nature-based learning.

  • Sophia Norris

    OTD Goals: Explore and contribute to the validation of TeleWrite, the first occupation-based handwriting assessment validated for Telehealth, to help meet the growing need of assessing children’s handwriting virtually

  • So Hyun (Hailey) Park

    OTD Goals: Develop a patient education manual tailored to individuals afflicted by stroke-induced upper limb weakness, focusing on potential secondary complications and preventative measures.

  • Jennifer Puac

    OTD Goals: To promote and develop community-based, mental health interventions for marginalized and minority-based populations that lack access to resources needed to optimally function within daily occupations, and to ultimately promote social, political, and economic inclusivity.

  • Milly Raj

    OTD Goals: Women’s health, specifically addressing the occupational challenges of women with breast cancer who are undergoing hormone therapy

  • Taylor Sanchez

    OTD Goals: To better understand and interpret the impact and relationship between physical activity and psychosocial factors in children with physical disabilities. 

  • Megan Sofield

    OTD Goals: To explore the relationship between functional mobility and executive functioning skills in children with cerebral palsy.

  • Jasmine Tomlinson

    OTD Goals: To explore the effectiveness of trauma-informed training within lower education institutions to support confidence, knowledge, and delivery of trauma-informed services to the student population.