Program Details

Doctor of Education in Movement Science with a Specialization in Occupational Therapy

Students in the EdD program in Movement Science with a specialization in Occupational Therapy have a unique opportunity to study with faculty from both programs. Although students are enrolled in Teachers College, each is assigned an academic advisor from the Programs in Occupational Therapy, who, in collaboration with the faculty of Teacher's College, plan out a program of study that combines the science of motor learning within the context of occupation. Coursework is taken on both campuses.

As per university policy, the EdD requires 90 credits beyond the bachelor’s degree. Since most students with entry-level masters in OT have at least 45 graduate credits in related areas, we expect that 45 credits will be transferred in from another qualified institution and that the doctorate will be comprised of approximately 45 credits beyond the existing Masters. The credit allocation is to be shared among the existing programs in Movement Sciences and Occupational Therapy.

Summary of Credit Point Distribution by Area

Teachers College/Movement Science

15 points of movement science coursework determined in collaboration with faculty, plus 9 points of research preparation.

Occupational Therapy

15 points of occupational therapy coursework determined in collaboration with faculty, plus 6 points of electives.