Diversity Scholars Program

The Diversity Scholars Program was founded in 2021. Diversity Scholars specialize in and advocate for the awareness, knowledge, and skills associated with equity and social justice during their graduate education. A Diversity Scholar's goal is to create dialogue, provide advocacy, and implement change for a more diverse and equitable experience for all students, faculty, staff, and administrators within the Genetic Counseling Graduate Program, and more broadly within the profession of genetic counseling.

Diversity Scholars are training to be diversity facilitators and their work during graduate school is supported by scholarship funding that can be used to defray tuition expenses.

Sriya Bhattacharyya headshot

Since 2022, strategic leadership and mentoring for Diversity Scholars has been provided by the Program's Diversity Director, Dr. Sriya Bhattacharyya. Below is a note from our Diversity Director:

"Healthcare providers have the unique opportunity to work with individuals, families, communities, and systems. A world is possible where healthcare is accessible to all and society is liberated from the roots of suffering – including ableism, colonialism, racism, heterosexism, imperialism, sexism, and so on. Graduate education is a place to engage our radical imaginations and practice strategies towards creating a liberated world for all together."

Current Diversity Scholars

Previous Diversity Scholars