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S-PREP Parent Testimonials


I am the proud parent of a son and daughter that benefited from the S-PREP program. My daughter, Nioka Allen, received a four-year scholarship to Coppin State University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. My son, Brian Allen, passed two AP subject tests at age 16 as a result of this program’s high standards. Now Brian is also on a four-year scholarship at Lehman College, CUNY. My last son, Micheal Allen, who has an 87 percent will also be applying to this program. This is a good program and should be continued.

Leopold Allen

My daughter Caren Garcon and several of my friends’ kids used to attend the STEP program through Columbia’s School of Dental Medicine but the funding for this program ended in the Summer of 2011. I was devastated, not knowing what I was going to do for my daughter. Fortunately, she was accepted to the S-PREP program and that was truly a blessing. Caren was struggling especially with chemistry and with the help of the teachers at S-PREP, she passed her classes with flying colors and will be taking Honors classes next year. Since she has started the program, I have witnessed an increase in her confidence. She is motivated and determined to succeed. As a parent, the different workshops on college searches, financial aid, and college application have helped me tremendously. I have a better understanding of the process and I am experiencing less stress and anxiety over the financial aspect of it. The college tours and fields’ trips are a great way to give the kids and their parents a real sense of college life. It is beneficial to have the kids start touring college campuses early in their high school years.

Marie Carmel Garcon

I do not know how to start to explain how this program has changed my daughter's life. The knowledge that is offered in S-PREP is not only one that is presented by the teachers, but is knowledge that they cannot receive in books. The strength and confidence to succeed was definitely part of the education of this program. Also, being surrounded by individuals that feel the same about the sciences as your child was very important. The mentoring is also incredible. S-PREP was always there to answer any of my daughter's questions from chemistry to college applications. Without S-PREP, my daughter would not have a guided route to her future. Thank you for all the hard work that you have done to help our children succeed in their lives.

Christine Nieto

I am delighted my child Marquel Boxill had the opportunity to participate in the S-PREP program. It was invaluable in preparing him for college and obtaining his dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon.

Yvonne Reed

I am a mother of eight children. My second eldest son, Charles, graduated from the S-PREP program in 2008 and currently attends Columbia University School of Engineering. My third eldest son, Kevin, graduated this past May from the S-PREP Program, and he was Valedictorian of his class in his high school. My son, Kevin, was accepted to Fairfield University School of Engineering. My fourth eldest daughter, Laura, was accepted to S-PREP last year. It was truly an honor and a privilege for my children to be part of an enrichment program like S-PREP. I want to take this opportunity to thank the staff as well as Columbia University for supporting this program. The S-PREP program should continue for many years to come because it is very helpful not only for my children, but all the other S-PREP student S-PREP offers enrichment courses as well as workshops and is helpful by going on college tours which help give students adequately prepare for college. Thank You S-PREP!

Carol Willson