Simulation Suites

Our 7th and 8th floor Simulation Suites each contain a mock operating room, a patient room, and a dedicated debriefing area.

Mock O.R.

Operating room with 2 surgical stations.

Our mock operating rooms can be used to host simulations and surgical skills labs. Each room contains medical booms, OR tables, laparoscopic towers and medical gas connections. Learners are taught advanced surgical technique and procedure.  

Capacity: 15

2 surgical boom stations with suction and CO2, 55" display, OR tables

Mock Patient Room/Patient Room with Headwall 

Our patient rooms are frequently used for manikin-based simulation. Faculty and staff work to develop the most realistic training scenarios for our students, incorporating high-fidelity manikins with realistic feedback to ensure our learners are well-prepared for advanced patient care.  

Capacity: 15

Equipped with headwall stations with suction and medical gas, 55" display, crash cart

Suite Debrief Room

Debriefing room with monitor, PC, web camera for video-conferencing.

Our debrief spaces are adjacent to our simulation rooms and may be used pre and post simulation for orientation, review and assessment.  

Capacity: 10

Equipped with a 55" monitor, PC, web camera, video-conferencing