Julie Canman, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology


Email: jcc2210@cumc.columbia.edu

Laboratory website: Canman Lab

Academic Appointments

  • Associate Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • BS, Zoology, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • PhD, 2002 Biology, UNC - Chapel Hill

Honors & Awards

2011-2016: NIH Director’s New Innovator Award

2008: Kerr Award for Research Excellence, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Univ. of California at San Diego

2006 - 2009: Special Fellow, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

2003 - 2006: Fellow, Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Cancer Research


Research Interests

  • Molecular regulation of cell division and mechanisms of diversity during cytokinesis

Selected Publications

E. Gigant, M. Stefanutti, K. Leband, A. Gluszek-Kustusz, F. Edwards, B. Lacroix, G. Maton, J.C. Canman, J.P.I. Welburn, and J. Dumont. 2017. Inhibition of ectopic microtubule assembly by the kinesin-13 KLP-7 prevents chromosome segregation and cytokinesis defects in oocytes. Development. 144:1674-1686.

Y. Zhuravlev, S. Hirsch, S.N. Jordan, M. Shirasu-Hiza, J. Dumont, and J.C. Canman. 2017. CYK-4 regulates Rac, but not Rho, during cytokinesis. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 28(9):1258-1271.

R.M. O'Connor#, E.F. Stone#, C.R. Wayne, E.V. Marcinkevicius, M. Ulgherait, R. Delventhal, M.M. Pantalia, V.M. Hill, C.G. Zhao, S. McAllister, A. Chen, J.S. Zeigenfuss, W.B. Grueber, J.C. Canman, and M. Shirasu-Hiza. 2017. A Drosophila model of Fragile X syndrome exhibits defects in phagocytosis by innate immune cells. The Journal of Cell Biology. 216(3): 595-605. #Authors contributed equally.

- Highlighted in Spotlight: M.A. Logan. 2017. Fragile phagocytes: FMRP positively regulates engulfment activity. The Journal of Cell Biology. 216(3): 531-533.

- Highlighted in Editors' choice: A. Mushegian. 2017. Impaired phagocytosis in fragile X. Science Signaling. 10 (473).

S. Sundaramoorthy, S.M. Hirsch, A.G. Badaracco, J.H. Park, T. Davies, J. Dumont, M. Shirasu-Hiza, A.C. Kummel, and J.C. Canman. 2017. Low efficiency upconversion nanoparticles for high-resolution co-alignment of near-infrared and visible light paths on a light microscope. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. 9(9):7929-7940.

M. Ulgherait, A. Chen, M. Oliva, H.X. Kim, J.C. Canman, W.W. Ja, and M. Shirasu-Hiza. 2016. Dietary restriction extends the lifespan of circadian mutants tim and per. Cell Metabolism. 13;24(6):763-764.

V.W. Allen, R.M. O'Conner, M. Ulgherait, C.G. Zhao, E.F. Stone, V.M. Hill, K.R. Murphy, J.C. Canman, W.W. Ja, and M. Shirasu-Hiza. 2016. period-regulated feeding behavior and TOR signaling modulate survival of infection. Current Biology. 26(2):184-94.

S.N. Jordan, T. Davies, Y. Zhuravlev, J. Dumont, M. Shirasu-Hiza, and J.C. Canman. 2016. Cortical PAR proteins promote robust cytokinesis during asymmetric cell division. The Journal of Cell Biology. 221:39-49.

- Featured story on the January 4, 2016 Biobytes podcast from The Journal of Cell Biology

- Featured on issue cover

G. Maton, F. Edwards, B. Lacroix, M. Stefanutti, K. Laband, T. Lieury, T. Kim, J. Espeut, J.C. Canman, and J. Dumont. 2015. Kinetochore components are required for central spindle assembly. Nature Cell Biology. 17:697-705.

- Highlighted by: T. Fukagawa. 2015. Cell Division: A new role for the kinetochore in central spindle assembly. Current Biology. 25: R554-R557.

T. Davies#, S.N. Jordan#, V. Chand, J.A. Sees, K. Laband, A.X. Carvalho, M. Shirasu-Hiza, D.R. Kovar, J. Dumont, and J.C. Canman. 2014. High-resolution temporal analysis reveals a functional timeline for the molecular regulation of cytokinesis. Developmental Cell. 30:209-223. #Authors contributed equally.