Dmitriy Aronov, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
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  • Assistant Professor of Neuroscience


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The ultimate goal of my lab is to understand the relationship between neuronal activity dynamics and the states of cognitive experience, like memories and thoughts. We focus on the hippocampal/entorhinal system, which is critically involved in the formation and retrieval of memories. Studies of this circuit have traditionally focused on navigation, uncovering a rich representation of spatial variables in the firing of its neurons. Yet, spatial location is only one component of memory. Beyond location, memories contain a mix of sensory, temporal, behavioral and emotional information. We are trying to understand how all these diverse types of information are encoded in the hippocampal/entorhinal system and bound together into a coherent representation.

Rat virtual reality. In one line of research, we are developing and using rat virtual reality (VR) systems in order to obtain unprecedented experimental control of the animal’s sensory environment. VR allows rapid, closed-loop manipulations of the animal’s sensory and behavioral context, coupled with uninterrupted neural recordings and manipulations. We are beginning to understand how behaviorally relevant sensory information is organized in the activity of the hippocampal/entorhinal circuit. By training rats to perform sophisticated memory-guided tasks in VR, we also aim to understand how the states of activity in this circuit contribute to behaviors that require memory retrieval.

Food caching by birds. In a parallel line of research, we will study how memories are processed during a fascinating and highly specialized behavior – the caching and subsequent retrieval of hidden food items by black-capped chickadees. Chickadees use their hippocampal formation to perform this memory-guided task. However, compared to its mammalian counterpart, the avian hippocampal system is anatomically simpler and more tractable on the circuit level. Using automated laboratory caching arenas inspired by VR, combined with miniaturized technologies for small birds, we plan to investigate neural representations of cache memories and the contributions of these representations to behavior.

Research Interests

  • Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience
  • Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
  • Neuroethology
  • Systems and Circuits

Selected Publications

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