Ann E McDermott, PhD

  • Esther and Ronald Breslow Professor of Biological Chemistry
  • Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemical Engineering
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Ann McDermott, PhD, is a Ronald and Esther Breslow Professor of Biological Chemistry at Columbia University. She holds a BSc from Harvey Mudd College and a PhD from UC Berkeley's College of Chemistry, where she trained under Kenneth Sauer and Melvin Klein. Her postgraduate training was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She has held various prominent roles, including Associate Dean for Scientific Initiatives and Chair of Chemistry at Columbia University.

Academic Appointments

  • Esther and Ronald Breslow Professor of Biological Chemistry
  • Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemical Engineering

Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • BSc, 1981 Harvey Mudd College
  • PhD, 1988 Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
  • Fellowship: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Committees, Societies, Councils

  • Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Member, National Academy of Sciences
  • Previous Member, Board of Trustees for Harvey Mudd College
  • Previous Member, Board of Directors for the New York Structural Biology Center
  • Previous Scientific Advisory Board Member, Brookhaven National Laboratories

Honors & Awards

  • Pure Award in Chemistry
  • Eastern Analytic Symposium Award for Achievement in Magnetic Resonance
  • Günther Laukien Prize in Development and Advances in Solid State NMR


Dr. McDermott's research through the McDermott lab employs advanced nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques to investigate the structure, function, and conformational dynamics of proteins within their natural settings. Her research has revealed that solid-state NMR spectra of proteins, including membrane proteins in native lipid bilayers and protein assemblies like viral coats, offer detailed structural insights and dynamic property characterizations. Her work delves into the connection between enzymatic function and protein conformational changes, highlighting active site loop motions and substrate repositioning in various instances.

Selected Publications

  1. Bhate M.P. and McDermott A. (2012) Protonation state of E71 in KcsA and its role for channel collapse and inactivation. PNAS, 109, 15265-15270.
  2. Li, Jixi; McQuade, Thomas; Siemer, Ansgar B.; Napetschnig, Johanna; Moriwaki, Kenta; Hsiao, Yu-Shan; Damko, Ermelinda; Moquin, David; Walz, Thomas; McDermott, Ann; Chan, Francis Ka-Ming & Wu, Hao. (2012) The RIP1/RIP3 Necrosome Forms A Functional Amyloid Signaling Complex Required for Programmed Necrosis. Cell 150, 339-350.
  3. Raveendra, Bindu L.; Siemer, Ansgar B.; Puthanveettil, Sathyanarayanan V.; Hendrickson, Wayne A.; Kandel, Eric R. & McDermott, Ann E. (2013) Characterization of prion-like conformational changes of the neuronal isoform of Aplysia CPEB. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 20, 495-501.
  4. Wylie, Benjamin J.; Bhate, Manasi P.; & McDermott, Ann E. (2014) Allostery and Channel Inactivation: Global Effects of K+ Binding on KcsA in Hydrated Bilayers. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. v 111, p 185-190.
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  12. Xu, Yunyao; Bhate, Manasi P.; McDermott, Ann E. (2017) Transmembrane Allosteric Energetics: Strong coupling between protons and potassium ions binding in the KcsA channel, PNAS 114 (33) 8788-8793.
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