Quinn Roth is a Berrie Center Star

January 13, 2022

Thank you to Quinn Roth, her family, and the entire Stars Cheer Class community for coming together to support the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia University. 

Quinn Roth

When Christine Roth had the idea to hold a bake sale on National Diabetes Awareness Day at Stars Cheer Classes in New Rochelle, New York where she is the director and her daughter Quinn is a participant, she never envisioned such a memorable outcome. 

Community members, parents, cheerleaders, and friends poured open their hearts and wallets to purchase baked goods and fidget toys, raising hundreds of dollars for the pediatric program at the Berrie Center. 

Five-year-old Quinn was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) when she was one and a half. Christine found the Berrie Center upon researching the top diabetes centers in the tri-state area. She immediately called and was connected to Dr. Kristen Williams. “Dr. Williams got right on the phone with me,” said Christine. “And I knew this was the place Quinn was supposed to be. Since that first conversation we have put our trust in Dr. Williams and the Berrie Center.”

Quinn is wise beyond her years when it comes to managing her diabetes and inspiring others. “She’s doing awesome,” said Christine. “She’s on a Dexcom and Omnipod and is very cool about both. She knows when she needs a site change and will tell us the site is getting itchy. She tells us when she needs juice. We’re in a good routine.” 

Currently a kindergartner at Waverly Elementary School in Eastchester, New York, Quinn loves cheerleading and playing with her two sisters. She can now also add T1D advocate to her list of passions. Quinn and another Stars cheerleader with T1D got their friends involved by asking everyone to dress in blue for diabetes awareness. 

“Quinn was so proud to be a part of awareness day,” said Christine. “She talked about it in front of everyone and kept telling people: “It’s my day!””

Supporters (including other Berrie Center families) came to the event from the Bronx and around Westchester. “People went above and beyond,” said Christine. “Some gave twenty dollars and took one cupcake. People were truly generous.” 

Quinn and the Roth family are excited to host awareness day again in 2022. 

“We are very grateful to the Berrie Center,” said Christine. “Dr. Williams has been amazing and super calm. The Berrie Center has always felt like a place of support and always made this process much easier. We always feel like we are getting the most innovative care. This was a nice way for us to feel like we are giving back.”