Our Approach to Post-COVID Challenges

As more and more information is gathered on COVID-19, researchers and physicians are finding that recovering from the virus may not be the end of your troubles. 

Recovered patients have experienced weakness, memory loss, anxiety, depression, among other issues. The New Yorker's article "The Challenges of Post-COVID-19 Care" reports on the varying challenges on COVID-19 recovery. In the article, Dr. Alfred Gellhorn, an adjunct Columbia rehabilitation medicine physician redeployed to the frontlines, discusses the steps that are being taken at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia/Cornell to address these challenges. 

Our rehabilitation teams, comprised of physicians, psychologists, and therapists, have put together a holistic, virtual rehabilitation program so that recovered patients can begin to combat these post-COVID-19 issues.

To make an appointment with one of our rehabilitation medicine physicians for the post-COVID-19 rehabilitation program, please call 212-305-3535.