Mary Farkouh, C-RN Comes Full Circle in Her New Role at the Berrie Center

In addition to recently joining the pediatric team at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, Mary Farkouh, RN celebrated another momentous milestone in her life—her 21st diaversary. (A “diaversary” is the anniversary of the day someone was diagnosed with diabetes.) Mary was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at 8 years old, an experience she recalls with great clarity. 

Mary Farkouh

“It was my dad’s birthday of all days!” she said. “I was super thirsty, couldn’t stop peeing, and couldn’t hold down any food for days. I went to the emergency room and we found out right away I had T1D. Happy birthday, Dad!” 

Mary was born and raised in South Brooklyn. After a bit of trial and error with other diabetes doctors, she found her way to Dr. Jacqueline Salas at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center and never looked back. Like many Berrie Center patients do, Mary made the trek with her parents from Brooklyn to the Berrie Center for regular check-ups. 

“The Berrie Center is a life changing place,” she said. “A place where you have doctors and educators that will work with you and make sure you know how to manage your disease.”

As Mary got older, she realized the important impact diabetes educators have on patients and their families. One educator in particular inspired Mary so much she decided to pursue a nursing degree, with the intention of one day working with people with diabetes.

Upon graduating from nursing school, Mary started her career as a school nurse and then went on to be a NICU nurse for four years. Today Mary is living her dream of working at the Berrie Center. 

“I am so excited to be here. The idea of working with kids with diabetes is just great,” she said. “I want to help give them all of the support and guidance I wish I had when I was a kid.” 

When Mary meets with pediatric patients at the Berrie Center she approaches each visit with attention to detail, personal and clinical perspective, and understanding. She sees herself learning and navigating the world of diabetes alongside her patients. 

“The biggest thing I am trying to teach myself and my patients is to trust the technology,” she said. “This is especially true for the kids on Control IQ and Omnipod 5. Doing what the pump tells you to do is a big deal! Once I realized not to override the pump and to do what it tells me, it was life-changing for me and I want my patients to benefit from that.”

Outside of the Berrie Center, Mary enjoys being active and playing on team sports. Fixing up cars with her mechanic father and brother is another favorite pastime! To make an appointment with Mary please call 212-851-5494