5th International Workshop on Clinical Immune Tolerance

The 5th International Workshop on Clinical Immune Tolerance was held April 28-29, 2022 in Jersey City, New Jersey.  The workshop was produced by Columbia University, Department of Medicine, Columbia Center for Translational Immunology on behalf of the Organizing Committee.

The International Sam Strober Workshop on Clinical Immune Tolerance is a biennial meeting which brings together leaders in the field of transplant tolerance and its underlying basic science in order to exchange progress and ideas in the field of immunosuppression minimization or withdrawal in solid organ transplantation.  Through their unique interactive format, these workshops have been instrumental in accelerating progress in the field. 

The Fifth International Sam Strober Workshop on Clinical Immune Tolerance workshop was hosted by Columbia University transplant physicians and scientists, April 29-29th, 2022 at the Jersey City Hyatt Regency. It included two days of presentations and discussions on the status of clinical trials designed to minimize or withdraw immunosuppressive drugs in kidney, liver, intestinal and lung transplantation.  The workshop also included presentations of mechanistic studies designed to improve understanding of the cellular and molecular basis of tolerance and to identify potential predictors/biomarkers of tolerance.  Discussions were led by investigators who are either leading or planning clinical trials in the field, identified from all known programs through prior attendance, publication, or registration on clinical trial registries internationally.  The meeting was a resounding success, thanks to generous sponsorship from industry and a philanthropic donor, 108 invited registrants and 34 invited speakers.  A published report on data presented at the 5th workshop will be forthcoming.