Yousefzadeh Lab

Location and Contact Information

Columbia Center for Translational Immunology
650 West 168th St.
BB 1501C
New York, NY 10032
United States

Principal Investigator

Dr. Yousefzadeh’s laboratory utilizes in vitro and in vivo models of aging to explore the effect of senescent cells, in particular senescent immune cells, on driving organismal aging. The mechanistic studies of cell and cell non-autonomous effects provide insight into interorgan communication and how different pillars of aging can serve to drive aging in a tissue or cell type-specific manner. Using samples from humans and animal models of aging, the laboratory focuses on developing useful biomarkers of aging with translational potential. Lastly, the laboratory uses models of natural aging, accelerated aging, and preclinical models of disease to test the efficacy of geroprotective compounds like senolytics.

Of particular interest:

  • Role of immune cell senescence in driving immunosenescence
  • Role of immune cell senescence in driving age-related dysfunction in solid organs
  • Biomarkers of aging
  • Testing of novel geroprotectors