Covid-19 Guidelines at the Sim Center

All participants must arrive at the VEC wearing face mask.

Forehead temperature scans will be conducted on anyone entering through security by Sim staff.

Hospital staff with a temperature over 99.5 will not be admitted and advised to report to the NYP Work Force Safety offices. 

CUIMC students with a temperature over 99.5 will be advised to go home and schedule a telehealth visit with Student Health Services. 

All Participants' names must be emailed to the Sim Center 2 days prior, this includes faculty. Security will not allow anyone in whose name is not on the list no exceptions. ( CUIMC faculty badges access into the VEC has been discontinued during the restriction period.) The VEC spaces are closed however the Sim Center spaces are being used for approved trainings.

Trainings are limited to 5 persons at one time, 4 learners plus 1 faculty. Learners must leave the building immediately following the trainings. Learners will be given new gloves when starting the training on high fidelity trainers. Equipment must be wiped clean by Sim staff in between each learner.